Time Poor and struggling to get your podcast launched? 4 steps to instantly free up your time so you can focus on the RIGHT tasks.

One of the most common concerns that business owners have when it comes to getting their podcast started is: ‘Will I have enough time?” The thought of fitting ONE more thing in to their already hectic schedules can seem impossible. So this week I wanted to share an article [...]

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Struggling to get new business? 9 Keep-in-touch strategies that’ll enable you to nurture prospective clients into paying customers – with ease

Picture this. You’ve spent countless hours preparing your program launch. Everything is moving forward like clockwork and the last email is just about to go out. With the special offer you’ve included you’re expecting to generate some real interest from your list. Then it happens. It’s the thing you [...]

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How to Start a Podcast: 3 Top Tips

I was asked the question: “What is your advice for someone who is considering starting a podcast? What would be your three top tips?” I LOVE being asked this question as most people expect me to outline the various pieces of technology and microphone they need. Yet, they’re surprised [...]

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