Podcast Interview: 8 Powerful Lessons You Can Do Immediately That Are Guaranteed to Disrupt Your Industry

One of the benefits of being a Podcast Host is the continual learning and development opportunities you get through the guests being featured on your podcast, who are disrupting their industries. And, when one of those guests is your daughter – it’s an even bigger thrill! A while ago, [...]

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Podcasting: Busting The Myths

Are you trying to build your reputation as an Industry Thought Leader? Then it's time to bust the following podcasting myths: You need an existing audience for your podcast to be successful AND get clients. You need to have hundreds of thousands of listeners before you can generate income [...]

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How to Start a Podcast: 3 Top Tips

I was asked the question: “What is your advice for someone who is considering starting a podcast? What would be your three top tips?” I LOVE being asked this question as most people expect me to outline the various pieces of technology and microphone they need. Yet, they’re surprised [...]

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