First and foremost, this is not a “get rich quick” scheme (scam). Go out and buy a lottery ticket or pay money to the “snake oil sellers” (there are plenty out there) if you want to get rich quick. To stand out, be heard and to start generating leads and enquiries from your dream client with your podcast you will need to put in the effort, invest in yourself, your marketing and sales process and your clients.

Podcasting With Purpose (which is represented is NOT for you if you’re looking for training that covers the ‘basic concepts of podcasting’ so you can get your show recorded and published as quickly as possible. If that’s you – there are tons of free (and low-cost) podcasting courses available that can help you.

Also, if you’re looking for just the technical aspects of a podcast – this is NOT the course for you. There are tons of free (and low-cost) tools and resources online that can help you.

This program is for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who want to become known as an authority and an influential voice in their industry so they can continue to generate leads and enquiries from their dream client, so they can build a business and ultimately lifestyle of their dreams.

While others we have worked with have built their visibility and authority in their industry and are using their podcast and/or podcast series as an integral marketing and relationship building strategy in their business, there is no guarantee that you will achieve this. There are too many variables beyond our control to make that sort of guarantee.

What we do know is that the processes, tools and frameworks we provide along with your existing skills and intellectual property will greatly increase your probability of building your reputation as an authority and influential voice in your industry.