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Build your Reach, your Reputation, and your Revenue

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Attention: Change Makers & Thought Leaders…
Feel like the world’s best-kept secret?

Are you a service-based business with years of experience and numerous qualifications – yet, you feel like the world’s best-kept secret?

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are now.

Your experience is second to none. And, your clients are generating incredible results because of the value you offer.

Yet, secretly you’re frustrated.

Because while you’re working hard and have followed everyone’s advice, none of it has generated the visibility or new clients that you had hoped for. And you are nowhere near where you want to be or think you should be.

However, the thought of ramping up what you’re already doing to generate more exposure, leads and ultimately high paying customers is overwhelming because you’re busy enough as it is.

If you can relate, you are in the RIGHT place.

Because helping people just like YOU – Change Makers and aspiring Thought Leaders, build their credibility as an authority and an influential voice in their industry is MY specialty.

Below are some free resources to show you how you can go from invisible to influential (and profitable) with your own Thought Leader podcast.

Free Resources to help you
Build your Reach, your Reputation and your Revenue with a Podcast

Your Self-Audit Podcast Checklist

Get my Podcast Self-Audit Checklist. Learn about the Podcast Profit Framework and key foundations you should have place.

‘Are You Ready to Launch?’ Your Podcast Quiz

Take my ‘Are You Ready to Launch’ Your Thought Leader Podcast Quiz. Have you got all of these things in place?

Profitable Podcast
5-Day Intensive

Learn how to build your Reach, Reputation and Revenue with a Thought Leader Podcast.

About Annemarie Cross

Annemarie Cross is an Award-winning Podcast Host and Producer, and a Business & Personal Brand Strategist.

Dubbed ‘The Podcasting Queen,’ she is recognised as a pioneer in this space by her clients and community, after starting her first podcast in 2008.

Over the years she’s been listed among the Top 25 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs, Top 50 Podcast for Entrepreneurs, and Top 100 Small Business Podcasts worldwide by well-known and respected small business websites, including

She now supports Change Makers and aspiring Thought Leaders cut through the noise and go from Invisible to Influential (and Profitable) with their own Thought Leader Podcast where they can begin to nurture listeners into leads and ultimately paying clients from their very first episode.

How Can Annemarie help you?

As a Change Maker, with a goal to make a much bigger impact in the world, while become known as an authority in your field – we know your needs and level of support you require will be different from other aspiring Industry Thought Leaders.

Therefore, we offer a range of customised solutions to support you every step of the way as you continue to build your reputation as an Authority in your field and subsequently your reach, your reputation and your revenue.

From our Profitable Podcast: Get Started Minitraining, our Profitable Podcast Virtual Workshop, our 90-Day ‘Idea to Launch’ Podcasting With Purpose Immersive Program, (and/or Interviewing with Purposes Course for the existing podcaster who would like to improve their confidence and interviewing skills), right through to working with Annemarie privately in the production of your Thought Leaders Podcast Series and Thought Leader Profitable Podcast Platform.

We can help.

Profitable Podcast: Get Started

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Interviewing With Purpose

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Virtual Profitable Podcast Workshop

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Thought Leader
Podcast Series

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90-Day ‘Idea to Launch’ Immersive

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Thought Leader Profitable Podcast Platform

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Want to know what Annemarie can do for you?

Success Stories

Simply the best podcast training I've seen...

Annemarie has simply the best podcast training I’ve seen. It’s so much more than recording a bit of audio and uploading it somewhere!

The foundation building in PWP is such an important part of the podcast’s sustainability. All of the seemingly boring, tedious “work” will ensure you have the best chance of success.

Your message, your delivery, your processes.

If you don’t build a solid foundation….what’s the point…

You cover it all. Thank you!

Nia McMartin

... enabled me to have one of my biggest aha’s!

Starting a podcast was something my business partner and I wanted to do to share our message in a much bigger way. The Branding With Archetypes Module that Annemarie starts the training off with, enabled me to have one of my biggest aha’s.

Through knowing what makes us unique and then being able to define our Signature Brand so we can ensure our podcast is unique – right from the title of our podcast, the words we use in our intro and outro, as well as our selection of music, so we can capture the heart and soul of who we are and ultimately can speak directly to our ideal client through the information we share on each podcast, is priceless.

Another aha, was being able to get clarity on the type of podcast we wanted to create as well as the importance of choosing a specific audience – all crucial information that will ensure our podcast stands out. If you are a little apprehensive in doing this course – just give it a go! I met a podcaster who is getting massive corporate clients from her podcast. What have you got to lose!

Jerry Penny

I highly recommend Annemarie’s Podcasting Workshop

I have started a podcast however still continue to struggle with structuring and systematising the show, so I can leverage my decades of experience and position myself as an authority in my field, while generate leads and enquiries into my business.

I’ve learned the importance of being far more specific in how I approach the topics on my podcast and can see just how important it is to have a clear strategy and the right steps in place, so you can begin to nurture prospective clients into paying customers.

I highly recommend Annemarie’s Podcasting Workshop and her Podcasting with Purpose Course. Thank you Annemarie – great work as always.

Faye Waterman

... absolutely insightful – no matter which level you’re at

Prior to coming to the workshop I was struggling with coming up with the right strategy and technical requirements for my podcast so that I could position my wealth of knowledge and experience as an authority in my field of consulting in how to deliver customer experiences that achieve brand loyalty.

The Podcast Profit Formula was great – in fact all of the Podcast Profit Models you shared were great.

The information you shared will help me create a clear strategy when it comes to my podcast, along with a deeper understanding of the importance of Engaging, Educating and Enticing my audience to take the next step.

The Podcasting Workshop is absolutely insightful – no matter which level you’re at in your podcasting journey.  Thank you Annemarie so much for sharing your insights and knowledge.

Aileen Day

Annemarie walks the talk!

I had been considering podcasting for my business and was looking for a refresher on the mechanics of starting a podcast.

After coming to Annemarie’s Podcasting Workshop one of the ‘ahas’ I had was recognising that with the right strategy in place, how a podcast can play an important part in your marketing mix and branding awareness.

With the information shared I’ll now be able to improve the quality of the output of my podcast from the outset.

The Podcasting Workshop provides a wonderful overview of podcasting as well as valuable insight into what works when you want to position yourself as an Authority in your field.

Annemarie walks the talk, delivers value and provides an authentic perspective on what’s required to produce a successful podcast.

David Clark


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