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Want to go from Invisible to Influential (and profitable) with a Podcast and be known as an Industry Thought Leader?

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Discover How to Stand Out, Be Heard & Influence with a Podcast
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Our “Do It Yourself” Podcasting With Purpose Training so you can Become an Authority in Your Industry with a Podcast


Our “Do It Yourself” Podcasting With Purpose Training so you can Become an Authority in Your Industry with a Podcast
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The Podcast Profit Framework is what we use with ALL of our clients as they go from Invisible to Influential (and Profitable) with their Podcast

The Podcast Profit Framework: The Six Stages

Each of the stages in our Podcast Profit Framework, are the exact stages we use with all of our VIP Done-With-You and Done-For-You Podcasting clients and what we teach in our Podcasting With Purpose course (for the Do-It-Yourself Change Makers) so they can not only position themselves as Industry Thought Leaders, but also set up a streamlined process that enables them to profit from their podcast. Let’s look at each of the stages:

Stages 1 & 2: Purpose & Plan:

To make sure your podcast doesn’t just end up as online noise and clutter (which many sadly do), you MUST get clear on WHY you are creating your podcast and how it’s going to support you in getting your message to stand out and be heard by your ideal customer. Also, what plan will you have in place to ensure you continue to leverage your podcast and/or podcast series as an integrated and leveraged approach so your podcast will continue to generate you leads and enquiries, so you can ultimately PROFIT from each episode. Some of the things you need to get totally clear on include:

  • WHO is your ideal client and what problems are they struggling with?
  • What topic(s) will you be covering in your podcast?
  • What overall value will you be delivering in each piece of content you share?
  • What’s your Call to Action?
  • How will you ensure you compel your audience to take that next step after they’ve listened to your podcast?
  • How else will you integrate and leverage your podcast to enable you to become an Influential voice in your industry so people want to work with YOU!

These are just some of the questions you need to answer as you plan your podcast episodes.

Stage 3 & 4: Produce & Publish:

The next two stages in the Podcast Profit Framework is to produce and publish your podcast.

  • Which tools and technologies will best suit your budget and requirements as you record, edit, and mix your podcast episodes?
  • Where will you host your podcast episode? Which is the best podcast host for you?
  • When it comes to publishing frequency, what steps, processes and additional resources do you need to have in place to ensure you fulfil your podcast publishing schedule, consistently? Inconsistent publishing of your podcast may just send out the message that you are unreliable – and that’s NOT the message you want to portray to your audience.

Stage 5: Promote:

While planning, creating, producing and publishing your podcast and/or podcast series are important stages to helping you become an influential voice in your industry, so is the next stage which is HOW and WHERE you will continue to promote it. Not having a clear plan on how you will promote your podcast may mean that your ideal client, who NEEDS to hear your message, may never get the opportunity to listen to it. Unless you share it with them, will make it difficult for them to even know your podcast is there.

  • Which platforms should you promote your podcast and/or podcast series to in order to maximize awareness and growth of your audience?
  • How frequently will you promote your podcast to get the best exposure? How much is too much and/or too little?
  • What other creative elements can you leverage in order to generate even more exposure for your podcast content?

Stage 6: Profit: 

Unfortunately there are many businesses that publish a podcast and/or podcast series, however fail to generate a profit from all of their efforts because they haven’t clearly defined HOW, in this crucial stage, which underpins a successful outcome. Introducing your Podcast Profit Pipeline. Your Podcast Profit Pipeline should include:

  • Your Irresistible Signature Giveaway (i.e. your optin, which is your 3-part Podcast Series and strategic email nurturing sequence).
  • A clear, concise, call-to-action at the end of the show to encourage listeners to find out more about you, and how he/she can access your Irresistible Signature Giveaway, so you can add them to your list and begin your nurturing sequence/strategy.
  • A solid plan on how you will continue to leverage your podcast and/or podcast series so you can deepen engagement, and build ‘know, like and trust’ with prospective clients as part of your marketing and sales cycle.

Without a clearly defined Podcast Profit Pipeline, it not only becomes difficult to profit from your podcast, I also see many businesses leaving tens of thousands of dollars (or more) on the table. My goal for YOU is that you begin to profit from your very first podcast episode.

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