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Want to build visibility & get leads with your podcast?

90-Day Idea to Launch your Podcast Immersive Program:
Build Your Reach, Your Reputation (as a Trusted Authority) & Your Revenue

You’ve heard a podcast can help build your visibility for your coaching business. However, you have no idea where to start, or what you need to have in place so that you can begin to generate results as soon as you launch your podcast – so you’re looking for the right support to help you. 

You’re in the right place!

Launching a podcast is relatively easy. However, launching a podcast with the goal of building your reach (with your ideal client), building your reputation (as a trusted authority) AND building your revenue as you continue to nurture listeners into leads for your business from your very first episode – that’s another matter, altogether.  

You need the RIGHT strategy along with the RIGHT message and unique and uncopyable listener experience that has your ideal client captivated from the introduction right through to your outro, while being compelled to binge listen to every single episode. 

As she’s listening to your voice – she’s beginning to get a sense of who you are, through the stories you share, the questions you ask your guest, and the insights you impart. Your quirky characteristics and mannerisms that make you – YOU, along with your unique style and approach, enables her to really get to KNOW you, to LIKE you, and to TRUST you. 

She feels like you understand her; you know what she’s struggling with; and you’re sowing seeds of hope and possibility into her life with your stories and insights. Because you DO know her.   

She’s YOUR ideal client. In fact, you know exactly what she’s struggling with, what’s keeping her stuck, and what she needs to hear and learn. She’s EXACTLY who you LOVE to work with!  

And, it’s why each time you release a new episode, whether you’re interviewing a guest or publishing a solo show – you know the information and stories you share will continue to confirm your promise of value and your promise of expectation – the outcome which is possible for her to achieve.

So, by the time she’s binge listened to every one of your episodes and has also stalked you (in the best way possible) across your social media platforms (because she loves what you stand for and wants to immerse herself into your world) – she couldn’t think of anyone else she’d rather have to support her in her journey – than YOU!   

Welcome to Podcasting with Purpose and Interviewing with Purpose: 
90-Day ‘Idea to Launch’ your Podcast Immersive Program. 

Welcome to Podcasting With Purpose – a comprehensive Podcast Training Program – specifically designed for Coaches and/or Consultants.

Our comprehensive program is uniquely created with coaches and consultants in mind and integrates personal branding, defining your message, business growth, communications (i.e. interviewing with intention and purpose) and podcast production, along with a strategic launch plan that will enable you to begin to build your list of ideal clients before you publish your show. You’ll know exactly how to create a unique listener experience that builds ‘know, like and trust’ and begins to nurture listeners into leads, enquiries and ultimately paying customers from your very first episode.  

Why a Podcast?

People are busier than ever. They’re overwhelmed with information and have more choices available to them than they know how to deal with.

This presents a real challenge when it comes to gaining AND maintaining people’s attention long enough to build any level of real engagement and awareness of the value you offer.

If this is something you’re struggling with, you’re not alone.

Video  vs Blog Posts  vs  Podcasts


Which is better?

As businesses continue to look for ways to grow their visibility and reach, I’m often asked the question – “Which is better? Video, blogs or podcasting?” To which I respond: “They are ALL great platforms to build brand awareness, IF you use them correctly.

However, what other medium allows you to spend 20-30 minutes (or longer) with your ideal client on a regular basis, because they WANT and CHOOSE to listen to you? A podcast can AND does!”

Video specialists encourage us to keep our videos short and concise. That poses a really challenge if we want to build real connection and engagement with someone in only 60 or 120 seconds. [Even if you’re a fast-talker like me!]

When it comes to articles, blog posts (and even books) people typically scan the content and therefore don’t get a sense of the real – YOU. Plus they bring their own perceptions to the relationship, which can unfortunately cause them to misinterpret the message you’re trying to convey.

However with a podcast, people hear and engage with your voice as you change your tonality, your pace, your pitch, and incorporate laughter – at just the right moment.

For instance, which do you think would impact you most? Reading ‘LOL’ or hearing someone else’s belly laugh? [Hearing someone laugh for sure! I only have to hear someone laughing out loud and I begin to smile and chuckle. And, if it’s a real ‘belly laugh’ – you know the sort of laugh that brings tears to your eyes – I can’t help but burst out laughing too.]

You really CAN influence and build a much deeper connection with people, right from the opening introduction of your podcast through to the outro.

In fact, one of my newest listeners of my podcast – Women In Leadership, said this to me :

“I listened to the latest episode. I like the future-focused feedback and I laughed out loud about the rabbit story. I can’t wait to binge listen to the archives.”

 – Carmen Williams

Recap: “I can’t wait to binge listen to the archives.” That’s 65 episodes at 30-minutes approximately in length, which is 32.5 hours she will spend listening to my voice and interacting with me. (By the way, Carmen and I ended up working together in one of my VIP branding programs, which I’m sure was influenced by the ‘know, like and trust’ and the relationship she had built with me through listening to the podcast).

What other medium enables you to spend that amount of time, building a deeper relationship with people because they want to binge listen to more of your content? You CAN with a podcast.

Who is your mentor/coach –  Annemarie Cross?

Hi, I’m Annemarie. I started my first co-hosted podcast in 2008 when I worked in the career industry following the Global Financial Crisis. I began Career Success Radio to be the voice of hope and inspiration amongst the doom and gloom, being shared by mainstream media. (Sadly, mainstream media hasn’t changed much!)  We published the show for two years and during that time developed strong alliances with career experts, and inspired thousands of job seekers worldwide. It was an exciting time. 

However, looking back, I would have done things differently. A LOT differently! Because, while we had a great show that inspired many people – we struggled to make any money from all of the hours and the hard work we put in to producing our show. This was one of the main reasons we stopped production. 

When the show came to an end, my mission of ‘changing the world – one message at a time’ saw me continue to publish various leadership and business-focused podcasts on my Podcast Network – Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network. Today, I continue to host and produce three podcasts as well as podcasts for my Alliance Partners.  

I’ve been dubbed ‘The Podcasting Queen’ (from guests, colleagues and clients); I’ve been nominated for and won awards for my podcasts; and I’m recognised as a pioneer in the podcasting space. I’ve also been honoured to have my podcasts be syndicated on both National and International Radio – you never know where your voice will end up and whom you will continue to inspire!

It was after my worst business failure that I started Women In Leadership Podcast to help me deal with my grief and loss. However, after only 3 episodes being published, I accidentally secured two 4-figure clients. Surprised, I wondered whether I could retrace the steps these two prospective clients had taken – going from knowing absolutely nothing about me to wanting to work with me after finding my website and listening to just three episodes of my new podcast.

Key principles, a book – Industry Thought Leader: How to go from Invisible to Influential (and Profitable) with a Podcast later – my signature programs, Podcasting with Purpose and Interviewing with Purpose were born. Some of my Podcasting Principles include: 

👉 MessageBEFOREMicrophone: because you can’t create a compelling listener experience or content that converts and positions your thought leadership from fluff and banter. Even if it was recorded on an expensive microphone.

👉 People come for the topic BUT return for the Host.

IF you create a distinguishable and uncopyable listener experience your ideal client relates to on your podcast.


👉 The RIGHT podcast strategy starts with the END IN MIND.

Fast-forward to today, I’ve been ranked in the top 20 Business Coaches, Melbourne (2020) and continue to leverage my two decades of experience in Personal Branding and 13 years’ experience in podcasting to support my clients set up the RIGHT podcast strategy/tactic so they can nurture listeners into leads, enquiries and customers from their very FIRST episode. 

And, it’s what I continue to teach in my 90-Day ‘Idea to Launch’ your Podcast Immersive Program. I’d love to support you in getting your thought leader podcast from idea to LAUNCHED!! 

The Podcasting with Purpose course with Annemarie Cross was a huge help to me in getting my podcast up and running
and my message of impact shared.

Starting up and sustaining a successful podcast involved more than ‘meets the eye’! I soon realised I needed a well thought out strategy, systems to support it, along with all the technical know-how; and it all seemed so overwhelming… before Annemarie came to the rescue with her step-by step guidance and wealth of experience.

Annemarie walked us through every detail from preparation to production and was also on hand to answer any questions that
cropped up along the way.

I don’t think my ‘Be Fit 2 Sit’ podcast would have made it on air without Annemarie and the PWP program! 

Kym Siddons
Podcast Host | Be Fit 2 Sit Podcast

Annemarie Cross has simply the best podcast training I’ve seen. It’s so much more than recording a bit of audio and uploading it somewhere! You cover it all!

The foundation building in PWP is such an important part of the podcasts sustainability.  All of the seemingly boring, tedious “work” will ensure you have the best chance of success.

Your message, your delivery, your processes.

If you don’t build a solid foundation….what’s the point…

You cover it all. Thank you!

Nia McMartin

I wanted to start my podcast so that I could get my message out to my potential clients. Blogging and posting on social media hadn’t got me very far. People tell me that they like my voice, so I thought that perhaps a vocal podcast might get me better results.

I found the information in the program, invaluable. Annemarie has this way of stimulating my thought processes, and opening up my mind to all sorts of possibilities that I’d never considered. She also put my fears to rest, and helped me to realise that I had something unique and valuable to contribute. 

I learned that planning is key. I can’t just press record and start a verbal stream of consciousness. For my podcast to be good, and for it to last, I need to plan and prepare ahead. Also, content creation isn’t as hard as I first thought. I have major topics I can talk about, and they all have little side branches I can explore.  

The thing that excites me most, is that I now know how to produce good quality, structured content, which will hopefully help my potential clients. 

I have had the pleasure of working with Annemarie both privately and as part of a group. Annemarie has been podcasting for years, and really knows her stuff. If you are willing to put in the work and the time, she will give generously from her wisdom, and will do everything she can to help you succeed. Her group workshop material is very high quality, and very practical.

As a private coach, she is insightful and generous.

Whether you work with Annemarie privately, or in a group, you’ll definitely get excellent value for your money.

Amanda Heal
Life Purpose Champion | The Do What You Love Podcast

I realised that having a voice and sharing your untold story is important developing that know, like and trust.

When I first began Annemarie’s Podcasting Course I wasn’t really sure what to expect but as I worked through the course if there was anything that I didn’t understand Annemarie was there to help answer any questions that I had. She help me understand the processes and procedures that are required to set up your podcast show and how important it is to have systems in place to make it run smoothly and professionally.

I notice now that when I am having a conversation with someone it is easy for me to explain what I do and why. I am continually being introduced to people who want to share their stories and have a voice.

I am constantly working with clients to help them share their stories and I find that being a podcaster is not only fun but rewarding because you are sharing the clients untold story and helping them create a legacy.

If anyone is thinking of doing their own podcast business I would highly recommend that they connect with Annemarie and have a conversation about what it takes to be a professional podcaster and understand that it is important to have the systems in place so that when creating their podcast it is easier than starting from scratch and not really knowing what to do.

Annemarie’s course takes the stress out of know what needs to be done and how which makes it so much easier in the long term.

Thank you Annemarie for your continued support – your course has given me a great understanding and start to creating my own Podcasts.

Faye Waterman – A Conversation with Faye

Who Are You?

If you are a coach or consultant and:


You want to build your visibility with a podcast – but you’re unsure where to start;


You’re in a crowded marketplace and want your message and podcast to stand out from the crowd;


You want to build your reputation as a trusted authority in your industry – and want your podcast (and podcast series) to capture your unique and uncopyable message that engages with your ideal client; and


You want your podcast to play an integral role in building a community of your ideal clients as you continue to nurture listeners into leads, enquiries and ultimately paying customers from your very first episode.

If you relate to any of the above the 90-day ‘Idea to Launch’ your Podcast Immersive Program is for you!

Here’s an overview of each of the modules in the program:

The Modules

Podcast Foundation Modules

ONE: PODCAST FOUNDATION MODULES: Your Distinguishable & Uncopyable Brand & Message for Coaches/Consultants

FOUNDATIONS MODULE 1: Setting Yourself Up For Success

Setting Yourself Up for Success: Overview

  • Ensure you set you and your podcast up in the best possible way in terms of building your reach (with your ideal client), your reputation (as a Trusted Authority), and your revenue – being able to nurture listeners into leads, enquiries and ultimately paying customers.

6 Common Myths and Mistakes to Avoid

  • As a coach and/or consultant with the intention of leveraging your podcast to build your business and generate new clients (or retain and/or upsell existing clients) will require a robust strategy. Avoid making these six mistakes when it comes to your podcast.


FOUNDATIONS MODULE 2: The Podcast Positioning Quadrant and Podcast Profit Models


  • Want to position yourself as a Trusted Authority in your industry with a podcast, while build a highly engaged community of your ideal clients? It starts with the Podcast Positioning Quadrant.

The Podcast Positioning Quadrant

  • Introducing five components that’ll help you continue to build a highly engaged community of your ideal clients, position yourself as a Trusted Authority, while begin to see how strategic collaborations can pave the way to ongoing lucrative, win-win opportunities.

The 3 Podcast Profit Models: Overview & The Formula

  • You’ve most likely heard me share my story about how my worst business failure has become a pivotal moment for me, because it led me down the path to where I am today. It was after this ‘failure’, I started Women In Leadership Podcast to help me deal with my loss, however after 3 episodes I ‘accidentally’ got two 4-figure clients.A few years later I thought – could I retrace these steps and recreate them intentionally and show others? Key principles, a book and program, later – Podcasting With Purpose was born, along with these three Podcast Models.

The Framework:

  • Introducing the Podcast Framework – the Strategy for Coaches and/or Consultants.

The Funnel (Pipeline):

  • The Process for Coaches and/or Consultants and how to leverage your podcast to build awareness and begin to nurture listeners into leads, enquiries and ultimately paying customers from your very first episode.


FOUNDATIONS MODULE 3: Your Unique & Uncopyable Message and Brand

Defining Your Thought Leadership

  • Get clear on the area(s) in which you want to continue building your thought leadership – even if you are a multi-passionate entrepreneur who is struggling to define your unique message into one succinct and powerful statement.

The Distinction Triad: U [You!]

  • This is the model I developed after observing one of my former executive clients over several years in my career consultancy. It became apparent that the reason for her impressive successes and achievements was because of three things. Understand what they are and how you can leverage them to become distinguishable, uncopyable and irresistible – THE choice vs just A choice with your ideal client.

 Your Signature Brand Archetypes

  • Use the same Branding With Archetypes System I’ve used with entrepreneurs to build their Signature Brands and who have gone on to double, triple or even quadruple their results.

The Branding With Archetypes System will enable you to capture the heart and soul, the personality and passion of you and what you do so your ‘Ideal Listener’ (i.e. Ideal Client) will want to subscribe to and listen to your show again and again. [Note: Clients often comment that the price of the course alone is in the value they have received from the Branding With Archetypes process. It’s THAT good!]

Note: Even if you already have a brand, the Branding With Archetypes System will help you create an irresistible and instantly recognisable presence, while enable you to create your. distinguishable, uncopyable and irresistible brand and message so you become THE choice vs just A choice when your ideal client is ready to move forward.


Naming Your Podcast

  • What’s in a name – when it comes to your podcast? Everything! From your podcast being found in Google (when someone searches for a keyword/phrase that is in your podcast name), a promise a value in the outcome and information a potential listener can gain from your podcast, to positioning you and your message as an authority, right through to creating an asset that has the potential to be sold.
TWO: PODCAST FOUNDATION MODULES: Your BEST Monetization Strategies for Coaches/Consultants

FOUNDATIONS MODULE 4: Your Monetization Strategies

Learn about the 6 Monetization Strategies – specifically for Coaches and/or Consultants where you can begin to best position your podcast to monetize YOUR message, including:

  • How to build Brand Awareness and Authority – the right way;
  • How to build your list with your ideal client – so you can continue to nurture ‘know, like and trust’ and get a steady stream of enquiries and bookings 24/7, 365 days/year;
  • How to build relationships with guests – for win-win collaborations and other visibility-building opportunities;
  • How to build direct business with guests (and I’m NOT talking about pitching them after your interview) but rather what needs to be in place so they ask YOU how they can work with/hire you;
  • How to build Internal Sponsorships to continue building brand awareness of your programs and offerings – without being salesy;
  • How to build External Sponsorships; that won’t break rapport and turn your audience off because they feel ‘sold to’.

FOUNDATIONS MODULE 5: Your 3-part Thought Leader Podcast Series List-Building tactic

  • The (often) missing piece for Coaches and/or Coaches from getting getting people OFF their podcast and onto their list. However, not you! This module will help you set up your own Thought Leader Podcast tactic so you can begin nurturing listeners into leads from your very first episode.Or, if you have an existing podcast that isn’t generating results – you can create and launch your Podcast Series along with our other suggested podcast rebrand initiatives so you can begin to nurture listeners into leads.

Case Study 1: Iidl Racz’s 3-part Thought Leader Podcast Series

  • Valuable behind-the-scenes training as Annemarie works with Ildi to create her thought leader podcast series as part of her Podcast Profit Pipeline. Watch these rich lessons and implement into your own thought leader podcast series.

Case Study 2: Cheri Toledo Mapping Out 3-part Podcast Series Topic Framework

  • Another valuable behind-the-scenes training as Annemarie works with Cheri to help her map out her Podcast Series Topic Framework.

Additional Case Studies:

  • Get access to behind-the-scenes case studies for another three of Annemarie’s clients as well as a breakdown of the various stages of storytelling and strategy required to put together a compelling episode that educates, engages and entices your ideal client to take the next step.

Create Your Own 3-part Thought Leader Podcast Series List Building tactic:

  • Map out your own Thought Leader Podcast Series (as part of your Irresistible Signature Giveaway to get people off your podcast and onto your list and nurture funnel), step-by-step, along with suggested topics and structure (so you can add in your information into the content suggestions) so you can record and publish your special podcast series that’ll enable you to begin nurturing listeners into leads from your very first episode.

Thought Leader Podcast Series Follow Up Nurturing Email Sequence

  • Struggle to write compelling emails that will continue to support you in nurturing and building your relationship with your new lead? Access Annemarie’s email script along with a clear description of the various stages in each email, and explanations so you can create your own powerful follow up email sequence.

Core Program Modules


As you are guided by your Signature Brand Archetypes (from the Foundation Modules – Your Distinguishable & Uncopyable Brand & Message) the next step is to gain a clear idea of how your podcast will be focused, unique and distinguishable and aligned with your niche and business focus. This will allow you to capture the essence of you – your charisma along with what you stand for so your podcast will stand out from the crowd and continue to position you as an influential voice in your industry.

Here’s what you’ll work on in these two modules:

    The Unique Brand of YOU | Podcast Title | Podcast Description Podcast Keywords and Phrases | Podcast Host Bio | Podcast Intro Script | Podcast Outro Script.
    • Select the music with the right tone and tempo as well as the right voice over professional that is aligned with your brand and supports the experience you want to create for your audience.
    • Cost effective music and voice over professionals tools and resources.

CAPTURE AND MAINTAIN A GROWING AUDIENCE of your ideal listeners (clients) by defining who he/she is so you can continue to share andshowcase relevant topics and information and strategies that he/she will love and want to learn more about.

Learn how to connect, engage with, and keep yourself top-of-mind in order to create know, like and trust much faster as he/she can sense you understand their issues/challenges and what they are looking for.


By creating your Ideal Listener Psychographic & Archetypal Profile through the power of the Branding With Archetypes System. Your Ideal Listener Psychographic & Archetypal Profile will identify words, qualities and key phrases that can be sprinkled throughout each of your shows, your marketing messages and other information you share with your audience to ensure you consistently attract and influence ONLY the people YOU want to work with.

Define who your ideal guest is so you can seek, invite and nurture relationships with people and businesses that can lead to further business opportunities.


SELECT ONE OF THE VARIOUS PLUG-AND-GO TEMPLATES OF THE BEST STRUCTURES that suits your style and preference whether you’re sharing inspiring information on your own, or whether you are interviewing a guest or multiple guests. Each Plug-And-Go Template includes critical sections that enables you to showcase your expertise, engage and deepen your relationship with your audience, while continue to build and fill your funnel with ideal clients.

  • Harness my POWERFUL 4-STEP CONNECTION PROCESS to present your information in a strategic format so you can instantly engage and maintain your audiences attention, no matter what their communication preference. Even the most sceptical people will instantly be intrigued with your podcast when you use the 4-Step Connection Process.
  • LEARN and INCORPORATE KEY SEED AND LEAD STRATEGIES so you continue to build desire of your audience to want to work with YOU.
  • Leverage streamlined introduction and scheduling templates to prepare your guest and enable you to capture the RIGHT information so you can create a stellar show in under 15 minutes, without having to do hours and hours of preparation beforehand. Many of my guests have commented how professional our process was, how supported they felt throughout the entire process, and how well prepared they were when we finally got to record their interview. A well-prepared guest is important if you want to create a stellar show. And, every experience you create for your guest, speaks your brand and your guest may very well be a future JV, or alliance partner. Plus, the more prepared YOU are will positively impact the way you show up as the host and interviewer! Eliminate those NERVES!
  • Access Templates & Scheduling Resources that you can rebrand, tweak and use immediately, without having to reinvent the wheel! This will literally save you HOURS (and HOURS!)
  • POWERFUL TECHNIQUES to instantly engage and maintain your audience’s attention, no matter what their communication preference.This training will help you:
  • Calm your nerves and boost your confidence before each interview.
  • Build momentum, even with a nervous guest through showing you subtle, yet powerful interview techniques.
  • Learn how to manage even the most difficult of guests.
  • Leverage introduction techniques that’ll ‘wow’ your guest, engage your audience from the ‘get-go’, and will set the stage for an awesome show.
  • ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENT AND SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGIES step-by-step videos showing you how to record edit, mix and produce great sounding podcasts that your audience will want to listen to. NOTE: I wanted to keep the videos simple and easy to follow. You will NOT have to become a sound engineer in order to make sense of the training. Some of the videos and resources include:
    – Audio Editing & Mixing Software
    – ID3 Tagging: The Why, What and How
    – How to mix in background music
    – How to record in Audacity
    – How to record a guest (whether you’re on a Mac or PC)
    – Selecting the right audio host, and much more
  • GET YOUR PODCAST ON Apple Podcasts (iTunes) a step-by-step video to show you how. Remember, technology is NOT what you should be stressing about. We’ll show you the simple steps of getting your audio sounding GREAT and out into the world so you can continue to impact the lives of others!

Your List-Building, Lead Generation and Launch Strategy Module

  • SOLID VISIBILITY STRATEGIES TO continuously be recognised as an influential voice in your industry, while attract a growing loyal audience of raving fans, potential customers and business opportunities.
  • Find out the tools my team and I are using as well as the ways we’re marketing each of our podcast episodes to build momentum, visibility and reach.
  • Create a solid do-able action plan showing you how to integrate and leverage your podcast into your business model;
  • Key marketing strategies to continue building exposure for you and your podcast.Publishing your podcast is not enough.
  • A solid strategy that will enable consistent marketing of your podcast is key! This training will show you how.
  • Plus, access our 90-Day Podcast Series and Podcast Launch & List-Building Plan along with our 90-Day Podcast Launch Calendar so you know exactly what to do step-by-step as you build the momentum you need to ensure your launch is a success, while even begin to build your list of ideal clients BEFORE you publish your show.

Coaching & Support



12 x Coaching / Support Sessions

Get access to me each week with our Q&A Mastermind calls.


Private 'Client-Only' Facebook Group

Get feedback and remain connected to me and our community of Change Makers and aspiring Thought Leaders during the program.


PLUS, an additional 12 Coaching / Support Sessions

That’s right, you get an additional 12 Q&A Mastermind Calls with Annemarie to support you in taking your podcast from IDEA to LAUNCH.

If you are thinking about starting your own podcast or amplifying your message, I enCOURAGE you to enrol in the Immersive Program lead by the incredibly knowledgeable and heart-centred Annemarie Cross.

If you want to increase your reach and reputation and increase your revenue too, then being coached by Annemarie really is a no-brainer. She is one of the best in the podcasting biz.

Yes…I joined the 90-Day ‘Idea to Launch’ your Podcast Program. Little did I know that it was going to be so much more! It is a wonderful program that dives deep down into YOU, your life, your purpose, your mission, your impact and your influence.  It truly is a fabulous personal development program, wrapped up in a podcasting program.

I have personally had so many wonderful aha’s. I now know my value, that I am and have enough. I have clarity and confidence and a system to have, do, be and give more.  Your only question now is WHEN?

Pix Jonasson | The Couragepreneur Podcast Host

Bonus  Course

Interviewing with Purpose Course


Enhance your interviewing skills so you can confidently build rapport and communicate effectively with even the most difficult of guests?


Learn how to create compelling Show Titles, Show Introductions and Calls to Action that captures your listener’s attention from the start of your show RIGHT through to the end of your show?


Become a sought after authority in your industry, while continue to attract incredible opportunities and ideal clients who you love to work with, because your podcast interviews continue to deliver outstanding value to your growing audience of ‘raving fans’?

This training will show you how. Click below to learn more about each of the modules. 



Unsure how to capture and define your unique interviewing style so you can show up with purpose in all of your podcast interviews?

This module will help you determine the key elements that’ll make you distinguishable from all of the other podcast hosts including:

Lesson 1: Defining Your Core Values:
Your Core Values are central to WHO you are, HOW you show up, and the experience you create for your audience. Get clear on YOUR core values and how you can leverage these to create an undeniable experience that only YOU can bring to the interview.

Lesson 2: Defining Your Unique Interviewing Style:
Self-awareness is one of the most precious gifts you can give yourself – a statement I’ve been saying for over two decades.
And, gaining an insight about your unique interviewing style so you can be on-purpose and intentional in how you show up in each of your interviews will enable you to build that distinguishable reputation – quickly!

Lesson 3: Your Winning Mindset:
I can teach you the steps, processes and techniques to conduct a fantastic interview, but unless you have the right mindset –a WINNING mindset, you can still struggle.

This module will help you create – Your Winning Mindset.



While preparing YOU is a key factor to creating a powerful and compelling podcast interview, so is preparing your guest. Sadly, many podcasters fail to do this.

You won’t need to start from scratch, as I give you access to my tools and templates that I use each and every day with my own podcasts (which you can tweak and rebrand) to ensure your guest is prepared and ready to go for an awesome interview.



Want to learn the exact format and approach I used on the two podcasts that secured Nominations as Finalists in the BEST Business, Marketing & Entrepreneurship Podcast Award, with one of the podcasts going on to be the overall winner of the Category?

I’ll show you, as well as other aspects that are crucial to the development of a stellar podcast episode, including:

Lesson 1: Show Formats
Access my simple, yet powerful Plug-and-go show formats and structure that suits your style and preference whether you’re sharing inspiring information on your own, or whether you are interviewing a guest, or multiple guests.
Each Plug-And-Go Template includes critical sections that enables you to showcase your expertise, engage and deepen your relationship with your audience, while continue to build and fill your funnel with ideal clients.

Lesson 2: Creating Compelling Show Titles
Struggling to come up with show titles that will be found on Google by your ideal client, while compel them to listen to the show?
This module shows you how as well as the copywriting tips and techniques I use, as well as what to avoid so you don’t get penalised by Apple Podcast (iTunes).

Lesson 3: Creating Compelling Show Introductions
Don’t loose your audiences attention by falling into the trap that so many other podcast hosts fall victim to. People are busy so you need to capture their attention – quickly!

This module will show you how, including what NOT to do, to avoid putting your listeners off, (or to sleep).

Lesson 4: Creating Compelling Show Outros
Learn the typical outros to avoid (that sadly many podcast hosts make) and therefore fail to generate the results they want, as well as what to do in order to encourage your audience to take the next step! Not sure what that next step should be? I show you that too!



Learn powerful podcast interviewing techniques that I continue to use on each of my shows in order to build instant engagement, while maintain your audience’s attention.

Find out how to communicate with even the most difficult of guests so that each of your podcast episodes are a stellar representation of you, your brand, and that continues to build your reputation as an authority in your industry.

Lesson 1: Mastering Your Mindset
Learn key Mindset strategies crucial to become a highly skilled interviewer, while calm your nerves and enable you to show up with confidence in each of your interviews.

Lesson 2: Different Types of Questions PLUS Bonus Sample Questions
Find out how to craft relevant questions that will enable your guest to share interesting and informative stories and information your audience will love.
Learn the six different questioning techniques I use in all of my shows. I have even provided you with a BONUS set of questions that you can tweak and use to get started.

Lesson 3: Dealing With Difficult Guests
Being prepared for ALL guests – even the most difficult of guests is important. Especially if you don’t want to have a folder full of podcast interviews you can’t publish because of a difficult guest that you found you were unable to build rapport with and who caused you to struggle to come up with great questions.
I provide tips and techniques to deal with:

  • The spammy guest who sounds more like an infomercial
  • The guest who doesn’t shut up
  • The guest who hardly says a word
  • The guest who is D.U.L.L. and B.O.R.I.N.G.
  • The guest who contradicts themselves over the course of the interview
  • The guest who bounces around all over the place with their confusing content
  • The nervous and anxious guest

Lesson 4: Advanced Commuication Tips
Want to take your interviewing and communication skills to the NEXT level?
This module will show you HOW, including a one of the common mistakes people make when they communicate, which will undermine their authority, how NOT to sound monotone, and how to show up and create a unique and distinguishable experience that your audience will appreciate, and why they’ll listen right through to the end of your show!



Find out how to optimise your voice so you sound GREAT from a Master Voice Coach. In this bonus module you will learn:

  • Warm up exercises for your voice (which you should do on a daily basis to ensure you take care of one of your most important assets – your voice!);
  • The importance of discovering your optimal speaking voice;
  • A quick way for people to find their optimal pitch, which is the starting point, and more!

Success Stories

My business partner and I knew it was time to start a podcast so we could get our message out there.

I was a little apprehensive before diving into the content as I thought it was going to be confusing. However, the trainings are structured and delivered in a way that made the information easy to understand. It was so much easier than I thought.

Thank you Annemarie for the knowledge you offer, how you took us through the process step-by-step, and the giving of your time to help us work through the questions.

If you are thinking of enrolling in Podcasting With Purpose but are a little hesitant like I was – DO IT! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It is TIME to get your message out there.

Tracey Hall

Starting a podcast was something my business partner and I wanted to do to share our message in a much bigger way. The Branding With Archetypes Module that Annemarie starts the training off with, enabled me to have one of my biggest aha’s.

Through knowing what makes us unique and then being able to define our Signature Brand so we can ensure our podcast is unique – right from the title of our podcast, the words we use in our intro and outro, as well as our selection of music, so we can capture the heart and soul of who we are and ultimately can speak directly to our ideal client through the information we share on each podcast, is priceless.

Another aha, was being able to get clarity on the type of podcast we wanted to create as well as the importance of choosing a specific audience – all crucial information that will ensure our podcast stands out. If you are a little apprehensive in doing this course – just give it a go! I met a podcaster who is getting massive corporate clients from her podcast. What have you got to lose!

Jerry Penny

Never ever think that what you have isn’t worth sharing. 
It’s so easy for us to think: “No-one would want to hear what I’ve got to say.” Or, “What I’ve got to say isn’t that important.” Or even, “I’m not so special that people would want to listen to me.” 
Let that go. Let go of ALL those fears and JUST DO IT!!
David Wright, Co-Host: Succeed With Money Podcast

The main reason we decided to launch our Succeed with Money Podcast was because we were very aware that a vast majority of people in this country struggle with overwhelming debt and an inability to gain control of their money. We believe that our podcast addresses this issue and gives people the information they need to go from money stress to money success., and with over 25 years of experience David and I believe we can be the catalyst for change in people’s lives.

Annemarie is so knowledgeable and giving in what she shares and I found our time together was so valuable in understanding firstly, the reasoning behind why we should start a podcast, what steps we had to take to start and how we could make it a profitable venture, rather than ‘just a podcast for the sake of having a podcast’.

My main ‘aha’ moments in working with Annemarie were understanding the necessity of putting a strategy in place and why this makes a world of difference to the success of a podcast, being intentional about our message and having a clear call to action in every podcast, without it sounding like a commercial, and having a Podcast Series separate to our podcast episodes that showcases our expertise in our field and compels people to want to listen and learn from what we have to share.

We’re so excited to be able to share over 25 years of experience in taking families from money stress to money success. We are passionate about what we do and believe that what we will be presenting through our podcasts will be absolutely life-changing for our listeners.

Having worked with business coaches and marketing experts in the past, I would highly recommend working with Annemarie Cross. This last 12 months has been a pivotal turning point in putting strategy behind my business, understanding and working with my own strengths and weaknesses and understanding the importance of having a vision and both short and long term goals. Annemarie’s commitment to her clients is second to none, providing informational webinars and regular Q & A sessions. She goes above and beyond and has a wealth of information from many years of experience, which she is more than willing to share.

Carolyn Moes, Spending Planner, Co-Host: Succeed with Money Podcast

90-Day ‘Idea to Launch’ Your Podcast Immersive

Work closely with Annemarie guiding you every step of the way to get your podcast launched and out into the world – in 90 days!


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YES! I’m ready to get into ACTION, get the ACCOUNTABILITY I need, to celebrate ACHIEVEMENT in 90-Days, when I launch my podcast to the world!!! 



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For Coaches/Consultants who only need access to our Message & Monetization Modules to learn how you can nurture listeners into leads and be THE choice vs just a choice with your ideal client with your podcast.

Still unsure which is the best option for you? Email: and we’ll schedule a call.

Don’t have time to go through a program, but would rather work closely with Annemarie to get ALL of this set up for you, including mapping out your robust podcast strategy? No problem – sign up for a Strategy Call to see if you’re a good fit.