In my article #1 Way to Communicate Your Brand – I shared that one of THE best ways I use to communicate my brand – alongside podcasting, was speaking.

In this article, I’m going to share the four things you want to have in place so that you can begin to leverage and grow your business through speaking engagements and/or podcast interviews.

I’ll share what they are while give you some examples to help you brainstorm some ideas if these are things you need to put into place:

1. Your Signature Talk

I have two main Signature Talks, one: How to Go from Invisible to Influential Trusted Authority with a Podcast and the other Coaches: How to go from Invisible to Distinguishable, Uncopyable & Irresistible – even if you’re in a crowded marketplace.

Each of these talks is designed to give value, create interest in learning more, and strategically flows into the second thing you need to have in place (see point 2).

While I do tweak and tailor my talk depending on the audience and their needs, it’s doesn’t take me much time as I’m so clear on my ideal client and their struggles, needs and desires.

Note: These Signature Talks are exactly the same if I was being interviewed on a podcast or delivering a Masterclass.

Action Step for you: Create your Signature Talk that aligns with the programs you offer so you become known as a specialist in your field. Try to avoid creating too presentations covering too many topics as this may just position you as a Jack of All Trades and a Master of None. And, as I’ve said before, it’s very hard to get paid what you’re worth if you’re seen as a master of none.

2. Your Irresistible Offer

While your Signature Talk must create value and continue to position you as the specialist, you don’t want to overwhelm people by telling them everything they need to know in order to overcome their struggles.

Give them enough to experience a breakthrough as well as insights to confirm what else is possible for them if they continue working with you and then invite them to continue this journey with your irresistible offer.

Remember, your goal is to provide immense value WHILE create a desire to learn more. And, one of the ways they can learn more is by getting their hands on your Irresistible Offer.

What’s an irresistible offer? It can be:

  • A checklist they can use to keep them on track, or
  • A video or audio recording (I.e. podcast series) that goes deeper into a topic you spoke about during your presentation
  • A series of concise articles that provides step-by-step activities that will help them strengthen the learnings and resources you shared.

The goal of your presentation is to get people enthused about getting that irresistible offer.

Action Step for you: Create your irresistible offer – remembering the LESS IS MORE principle so that you don’t overwhelm them with SO much information they feel even more stuck!

Ensure the topic you share in this resource is relevant to your programs to ensure you continue to create a consistent flow of leads as you continue to grow your list and people= into your relationship-building, nurturing funnel. Creating an irresistible offer that has no relevance to your programs is a waste of your valuable time.

3. A ‘Take Action’ Sign-up Form (Paper or Electronic)

Create a way you can gather their contact details right then and there, whether it be a printed form you hand out during a live event – or a form on your website that people can enter their details and immediately gain access to your irresistible offer without you even being there.

Action Step for you: Create a Take Action Sign-up Form you can take with you to speaking gigs. Create an electronic signup form on your website. Here’s an example of one of mine form my Distinguishable Masterclass.

4. A Complementary Discovery Session

This gives you a wonderful opportunity for both you and your prospective client to get to know one another better, to see where the gaps are and to determine whether you can help them and whether they’re a good fit for your program. If they are, you can share more and invite them to invest in themselves and the outcome they’ve been struggling to achieve!

Action Step for you: Create your Discovery Session. PS If you’re interested in learning more about this, apply for one here so you can experience what I’m talking about.

Here’s a snapshot of how this all flows:

Voila, you’re all set to go so that you can continue to build your brand, your reputation as a trusted authority and your clients from speaking.

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Here’s what he’ll be covering:

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