If you’re a coach and looking to grow your business, I’m sure you’d agree there’s a plethora of online tools and platforms you can leverage when it comes to marketing.

In fact, you only need to look online to see numerous marketers talking about how you need to do ‘this’ in order to get more clients, or you need to use ‘this’ new bright shiny tool – because it is THE answer and will fix all of the challenges you’re facing when it comes to getting new clients.

May I share something with you that I’ve learned over the last two decades of running a coaching/consulting business?

When it comes to building relationships with a prospective customer and nurturing them along the customer journey as you continue to build ‘know, like and trust’ – there’s one thing these marketers don’t talk about when it comes to new tools, technologies or platforms and marketing your business.

It’s this: just because you can – doesn’t mean you should.

Just because you can (fill in the gap of the tactic/tool) – doesn’t mean you should.

Because it might be a GREAT tactic, a GREAT tool, that is right for someone else and it may be right for you BUT not right now in your business.

So, right tactic, but wrong timing, for the stage you’re at when it comes to your business.

Even the best thought-out strategy may not be the RIGHT strategy for you, because it’s the WRONG timing for the stage you’re at in your business.

Let me give you an example, when it comes to podcasting and how a podcast can be a RIGHT tactic, but WRONG timing for you and your business.

A podcast is a great marketing strategy and will certainly get your message out to a much wider audience.

However, if your message isn’t working – your podcast will only end up sharing your message (that’s not working) to a larger audience, confusing even more people.

So, if your message isn’t working and you’re hoping a podcast will turn things around – it won’t.

Another example could be writing a book. Writing a book is a great way to build your authority, however similarly with a podcast if you haven’t clearly defined how you’re going to leverage your book, you’re unclear on what you want to become known as a trusted authority in, and your message isn’t working – then writing a book now would be WRONG timing.

I didn’t write my book: Industry Thought Leader: How to go from Invisible to Influential with a Podcast until years after I had several successful podcasts. In fact, the reason I wrote the book was because my goal was to create a coaching program and needed to get the modules and topics (I knew were important to share) in the right sequence that made sense and would help clients take their podcast from idea to launch.

I’d already launched a number of successful podcast and the book enabled me to take a step back and look at what had been in place to ensure success, along with the mistakes and things I’d done that hadn’t worked. It was all there in my book, which became a wonderful framework for my coaching program and the work I continue to do with our clients.

In that case, writing my book was the RIGHT strategy, the RIGHT tactic, along with the RIGHT timing for the stage I was at in my business.

So, how do you know what stage you’re at in your business and what you need to focus on?

Think about some of the marketing and tools you’ve been using in your business? Are they working as well as you’d hoped they would?

Are you sharing your message and you know you’re in a room (virtual or in person) with your ideal clients and no-one says (or DM’s you to say), “I think I need to speak with you,”? If yes, I’d highly encourage you to look at your message first, BEFORE you embark on any new strategy or tactic.

Work on your message until it IS working for you and then look at how you can amplify your message to more people with a podcast.

If you realise your message isn’t working as well as it should be – this is something I can help you with. Access my Distinguishable, Uncopyable Brand & Message Masterclass, or go ahead and book in a time to chat to see if you’re a good fit for my Invisible to Influential Trusted Authority Acceleration Program.