This month inside my membership – The Influence Alliance, we’re spending time on mapping out our strategies for the third stage of the customer journey prior to purchase – the Decision Stage.

If you’re wondering what the three stages of the Customer Journey are, and whether they are important to understand – let me answer the later question first, followed by a brief overview of what each of the three stages are.

Firstly, understanding the Customer Journey and having key strategies in place, which covers interactions with prospective customers both online and in-person is vital.

Because NOT everyone who hears about you or stumbles across your content is ready to buy. And, depending on how long they have been searching for a solution, along with their specific buying styles, some people may need more interactions and validation of your expertise, than others before they make a decision to purchase from you.

What is The Customer Journey? The Customer Journey is a series of sequential steps where a prospective client is getting to know, like and trust you.

The three stages of the customer journey, is Stage 1 Awareness, Stage 2 Consideration and Stage 3 Decision.

  • Stage 1 – Awareness is when the potential customer is aware they have a problem and they are actively seeking answers. They’ve now come across your podcast and they are listening to you share your insights.
  • Stage 2 – Consideration is when they have just taken that next step after your call to action – that listener has now become a lead and they are now considering the information you are sharing, they are considering you, they are continuing to build know like and trust, as they continue to consume and engage with the content you are sharing.
  • Then Stage 3, is Decision – when with another call to action, your listener who has become a lead, is now being nurtured along the customer journey to become an enquiry, they are now either booking themselves on a strategy/discovery call waiting to speak to you about how you might be able to help them.

The Three Stages of the Customer Journey

Most coaches don’t have any real strategy in place in either of the stages, which is why they’ll feel exhausted by the time they do enroll a client into their program, if at all.

Or, they miss a perfect opportunity to continue nurturing the relationships with an ideal client as they had nothing in place to continue building any form of relationship.

So, my coaches request for you this week is to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a content development strategy that is consistently getting your message out in a way that continues to bring value and insights into the area your ideal client is struggling with and searching solutions for?
  • When your ideal client finds your content, do you have a strategy in place that is so compelling – they want to access that further information from you, so now they have taken that next step into your community?
  • And, lastly, do you have a nurturing strategy in place that continues to build ‘know, like and trust’ even if you’re not there, and encourages your ideal client to reach out to you to speak further about how you can help them?

And, if they don’t reach out to you – you continue to remain top of mind, so when they are ready, YOU are the coach they want to work with?

If not, I encourage you to get this into place as it will make an incredible difference in your coaching business.

And, if you need help – this is exactly what we help you with inside The Influence Alliance.