Have you heard the saying ‘Less is more’? It’s a paradox – an oxymoron, that has been used across many industries.

In fact, it’s something I’ve said too, when it comes to a coach developing their personal brand and message: Less IS More.

How so?

We so often hear marketers tell us that we need to share MORE content, across MORE platforms, with MORE frequency so our message can cut through the noise?

That’s NOT sound advice for aspiring Thought Leaders.  Especially, if you want to build your reputation as an influential Trusted Authority in your industry.

In fact, the opposite is true: LESS is more.

Here’s what I mean.

  • It’s about quality NOT quantity.
  • It’s about focus NOT frequency.
  • It’s about innovation NOT irrelevant (outdated) principles that every second person is speaking about in your industry.

LESS is MORE with your Content:

NOT more content, but the RIGHT content.

Content that:

  • Is relevant AND nurtures your ideal client along the Buyer’s Journey as you build know, like and trust;
  • Challenges the status quo in your industry, bringing unique insights that only you can share based on your expertise;
  • Compels him/her to take that next step when you invite them to do so.

LESS is MORE with Frequency:

When it comes to sharing your content – NOT more frequently, but the RIGHT frequency, RIGHT format, and the RIGHT approach.

  • Is your ideal client busy? Provide bite-sized content.
  • Do they prefer listening to content? Create a podcast.
  • Do they prefer to read? Then, write.

Or better yet, offer your content in a variety of formats and at varying lengths so your content can be enjoyed by your ideal client no matter their situation or preference.

Note: Check out my article here on how I repurpose my content, including 9 Ways to repurpose your podcast and Leveraging a podcast in the customer journey.

LESS is MORE with your Platforms:

Not more platforms, but the RIGHT platform.

Don’t be tempted to follow those ’platform-hacking-bro-marketing’ tactics, that tell you how to hack algorithms, or to hack anything for that matter.

Because, YOU don’t need to hack anything.

Your work, and the impact you’ve been making for decades – speaks for itself. You just need to ensure you find the RIGHT platforms and focus your efforts there as you continue to share your unique and uncopyable brand and message!

So, in summary:

  • Focus on creating a unique, uncopyable brand and message;
  • Understand how to bring that message to life with compelling and valuable content your ideal client will love and want to learn more from you; and
  • Determine the right platforms where your ideal client hangs out and focus on building your presence on those platforms first.


One last word when it comes to frequency and WHEN to post, with some advice I gave a colleague a few years ago, when he asked me for my opinion on the best time of day to post content in order for him to get more engagement.

Here’s what I told him…

It’s a fair question, and one I think is going to differ for everyone. BUT, it’s probably not the best place to focus.

Because it reminds me of another conversation where I was asked HOW many times should people post content to increase their chances of cutting through the noise.

Sadly, both those areas I believe are focusing on the WRONG thing. Tactic.

While tactic IS important, what’s far more important initially is WHAT you are sharing. Your message.

Yes, people are busy. However, your ideal client WILL make time for your content if you are a priority on their list. Because you’ve created an expectation of value.

So, as a Change Maker don’t be tempted to focus on what time, date, posting frequency – you should post. Or any other tactic for that matter.

Instead, focus on ensuring your MESSAGE is relevant and valuable for your ideal client. Become THEIR priority.

When you do your ideal client will seek out your message because of the value they know it’ll bring value to their lives – irrespective of the date, time or frequency of your posts.

Focus on THAT!

BTW, if you’re struggling to define your unique and uncopyable brand and message so you can become distinguishable, THE choice vs just A choice when your ideal client is ready to move forward – access my free How to Become Distinguishable Masterclass.