In my last blog post, I spoke about the importance of the Customer Journey when it came to building ‘know, like and trust’ with a prospective customer. [Note: you can read that article here]

This week, I want to talk about how you can leverage a podcast in the customer journey – whether you have an ongoing show, or whether you create a strategic podcast series.

The strategy I’m about to share with you is what I call – the Podcast Profit Pipeline.

Here’s an image of the Podcast Profit Pipeline so you can get a picture of it first, before I dive a little deeper into explaining how you can leverage a podcast to continue building and nurturing a relationship with a prospective customer.

Customer Journey: Stage 1 – Awareness Building

In Stage 1 – Awareness Building I spoke about how you can leverage a podcast as a way to share relevant and insightful content, which your ideal client will find when they’re searching for a solution to their problem/challenge.

A podcast is just one way you can continue to communicate your message. In the Brand Communication Wheel (pictured above in the Awareness building stage) I’ve listed a number of different ways you can continue to communicate your message, including:

  • Speaking
  • Podcast
  • Articles
  • Social Media
  • Networking (online and in-person), to name a few.

I leverage all of these ways to share my message – however I also repurpose content, which ensures people can read, hear and (sometimes) watch my content – should I also use video.

Here’s an example of how I repurpose my content as part of building awareness within the customer journey, which includes my podcast – as part of the customer journey.

In my newsletter on the 2nd September, I spoke about something I know many coaches struggle with, which is creating compelling content that clients love and that helps them build their credibility as THE coach vs just a coach.

The same content was also shared as a blog post, which you can see here.

But repurposing of this content didn’t just stop there.

I also used the exact same content in a podcast episode on both Ambitious Entrepreneur Show and Women in Leadership Podcast. (I also plan to share it on the Christian Entrepreneurs Podcast, as the content is relevant for all three audiences).


One piece of content shared across my newsletter, my blog, and three of my podcasts.

Note: I also plan to create some graphic quotes, which I’ll share across my social media channels, which will then encourage my ideal client to go to the podcast episode so they can learn more about the topic I’m sharing.

Which leads me to the second stage of the customer journey – the Consideration Stage and how I continue to leverage my podcast.

Customer Journey: Stage 2 – Consideration Stage

Remember, the Consideration Stage is when you invite your prospective customer to take the next in accessing an additional free resource that provides them even more clarity and insights into the area they are struggling with. And, in order to access that valuable resource, they need to provide their name and email address.

So, when they’ve just taken that next step after your call to action – that prospective customer has now become a lead and you are continuing to build ‘know like and trust’, as they consume and consider the content you are sharing.

How do I do that with my podcast? With a dedicated podcast series that has been strategically developed to provide even more value and insights in an area I know my ideal clients are struggling with, each episode building on the next. (This is just one of the things we help our clients with – mapping out their very own podcast series strategy).

How do I tell people about my special 3-part series? I let them know about it at the end of each episode of my podcast, with the outro sharing that if they are a coach who is struggling to stand out, be heard and become an influential voice in their industry that I’ve created a special 3-part Thought Leader Podcast Series just for them to help them pinpoint where and why they may be struggling.

I also tell people about this special podcast series if I am speaking, being interviewed on another person’s podcast, or even doing a livestream. The invitation for the next step (Consideration stage) is to invite them to access my podcast series.

When ideal clients hear the invitation, they are directed here where they provide their details so I can send them to the podcast series.

Once they register, they are taken to a resource page where they can access the 3 episodes, along with transcripts, and other resources. They are now part of my email list and will continue to receive follow up nurture emails, which will share the next step they should consider, if they are ready.

If they’re not – which is more often the case, as they may have only just heard about me, they’ll continue to receive further resources and information through my podcast, my newsletter and emails, etc as they continue to be nurtured along the customer journey, until they are ready to take the next step.

Having this strategy set up and automated, means a lot of the nurture process is happening behind the scenes without me even having to be there speaking with them. However, when they’re ready, I’ll be top of mind and they’ll have a link to book a time to speak with me on my calendar.

It all starts from content I’m sharing to build awareness (which includes my podcast) from which I invite them to learn more by accessing my podcast series – the consideration stage, as there’s nothing more powerful than spending 60 minutes (over 3 episodes) where someone wants to listen to you as you share valuable insights.

That’s how you can leverage your podcast in the customer journey.

Need help setting up the technology and touch points along your Customer Journey?

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