“Fast Marketing Plans. Quick (and Dirty BUT Awesome) Content Marketing.”

These are just some of the recent headlines I’ve read catering to businesses looking for rapid results.

When it comes to marketing there’s no such thing as a rapid results or quick fixes WITHOUT clear strategy and committed effort to ensure the best outcomes.

This is true when it comes to producing a podcast too.

Which is why when I’m working my clients who want to create a podcast series (as part of their list building/lead generation strategy) I spend hours researching WHAT is going on with their ideal client BEFORE we press record.

For starters:

  • WHAT keeps your ideal client up at night and more importantly WHAT are the typical emotions BEHIND the struggles they face?
  • WHAT are the objections (i.e. excuses) that’ll block them from believing success is possible for them?
  • WHAT are the mistruths and misconceptions typical of your industry that you want to challenge?

Because when we speak into that, by the time your ideal client has listened to all 3 episodes – not only have you engaged and educated them, you’ve also eliminated any objections, therefore making your call to action much more enticing.

What about you?

What are some of the ‘quick fixes’ you’d like to challenge in your industry? Go ahead and share in the comments section below.