Recently, a ‪ChangeMaker asked me how she could increase exposure for her podcast.

I’d been speaking at an event on the topic of raising your influence (and income) with a podcast, which was something she’d struggled with after publishing 26 episodes of her own podcast.

Her question was valid, BUT not where she should be focusing her efforts.


What about you?

Have you published numerous podcast episodes however aren’t generating any real returns from all of your efforts?

While you may be tempted to look at ways of gaining more exposure for your podcast – before you do, I caution you.

Because, if your podcast content isn’t converting into enquiries, leads and paying customers, especially after 26 episodes, I’d hold off on investing more time and money in increasing your audience.

You could have thousands of downloads (or more) and still not generate results if the information you are sharing isn’t of interest or value to your ideal client.

One of the goals I have for all of my clients when creating their podcasts, is that the content they create in every single episode generates results, by providing real value to their audience (i.e. ideal clients).

For example, I’m currently creating a podcast series with a client, who is an expert in PR and Media.

  • Each episode will enter the conversations her ideal clients are having;
  • She’ll provide incredible value while educate them in areas they struggle with, which positions her as a valuable authority;
  • And, each episode will be created in such a way to entice her ideal client to want to learn more, which is when we invite them to do so, with her call to action.

Her call to action is to access her entire podcast series, along with additional must-have resources.

She’ll be growing her list, which she’ll continue to nurture into clients from her first episode.

Because even with a small list she can begin to generate results when the information is valuable!

So with a podcast series that continues to make an impact in the lives of her audience, which then nurtures listeners into leads, enquiries and eventually customers – THEN she can look at investing more time, money and energy on expanding her reach and visibility.

That’s #PodcastingWithPurpose

Are you struggling to generate leads and enquiries from your podcast? Access my Podcast Self-Audit Checklist or if you’re interested in working with me to create your own lead-generation Podcast Series, let’s chat!