Getting your message to stand out and be heard amongst all of the online noise and clutter is something many business owners struggle with, no matter what industry they are in.

And, there’s no shortage of advice from marketers with their tips, tricks and tactics, or the latest ‘bright new shiny’ tool, promising to amplify your message to the world.

It’s overwhelming.

However, the answer to the issue they’re struggling with can’t be found in some new tool, or tips, tricks and tactics.

In fact, the answer lies much closer to home.

So, if you’re struggling to stand out and be heard in a cluttered and noisy marketplace, instead of turning to tips, tricks, tactics and shiny bright new objects, here are three things to consider.

They’ll not only help you to stand out and be heard in your industry, but become the breath of fresh air – that disruptive voice that challenges the status quo. A voice your ideal client resonates with and wants to hear more from.

Let’s look at what they are, in the video (apologies for video quality. The quality of content IS worth the watch!) or brief outline, below:


Create a new and unique experience for prospective customers to ‘experience’ your product/service.

For example, in one of my podcast interviews, my guest shared how one dog food company built a huge billboard that dispensed a sample of dog food when patrons pushed a specific button. People were intrigued and loved pressing the button. Their pooches, LOVED getting the food. A win win win for all.

In my business – I help companies become an influential voice in their industry with a podcast. However, some CEO’s have yet to experience listening to one. So, I’ve created an episode on The Corporate Podcast, which I share with CEO’s who have expressed interest in learning more about what I do.

They get to experience first-hand what it’s like to listen to a podcast while learn the benefits that podcasting can deliver (when produced correctly), how they can overcome their current marketing challenges, and/or how they can become an influential voice in their industry.


Are you doing something unique and different from everyone else in your industry, which means your clients are getting better results, or much quicker than standard industry outcomes?

Are you challenging the status quo in your industry? They zig, so you zag?

My daughter is in the health and wellness industry and very much challenges the status quo of what the industry typically promotes in their fad diets, quick-fix bootcamps and challenges.

While my background is in Personal Branding & Communications – I am now leveraging my 10 years’ experience in podcasting to help clients create their own podcast platform to cut through the noise and build deeper engagement with their audience and ultimately nurture leads into clients – which is relatively new in the market and the clients I work with.

• YOU:

Your unique style and characteristics bring a fresh approach to a typical traditional industry.

As a Personal Branding Strategist (by trade) I cannot stress enough, you MUST get totally clear on what makes you unique, and continue to showcase this every time you share your message.

For example: An Accountant who has a fun and adventurous outlook to life and is able to explain technical jargon (that is often mumbo-jumbo to their clients) in a practical and easy-to-understand way.

Over to you.

After reading (and watching today’s tips) how will YOU be a disruptive voice in your industry?

Have you seen another company being a disruptive voice in their industry and doing this well? Share below!

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