August 2008 was the month I launched my first podcast – Career Success Radio.

My co-host and I started it following the GFC to be the voice of hope and inspiration, amongst the doom and gloom that traditional media was portraying.

We published the show for two years and during that time developed strong alliances with career experts, and inspired thousands of job seekers across the globe.

When the show came to an end, my mission of ‘changing the world – one message at a time’ saw me continue to publish various leadership and business-focused podcasts.

However, little did I know that 10 years on I’d be podcasting full time, helping businesses launch their own podcasts so they can impact the world with their message.

Recently, I’ve had a few people reach out to find our more about how I can support them in launching their own podcast so I’ve created this video and invitation to chat.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a podcast to be an influential voice in your industry, however you’re worried about technology and editing audio, or if you haven’t got time for ongoing promotion of your podcast and you’d love someone to manage it ALL the techie stuff for you – we’ve got you covered.

You record the audio, and we do the rest.

While give you the ongoing support you need to not only become an influential voice in your field, however also to build a profitable, global business that you love.

Let’s chat – here’s my calendar link.

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