I’m often asked the question “Which is better? Video? Blogs? Podcasts?” by coaches and consultants who are building their authority and who want to make an impact with their message.

As Change Makers who are on a mission to change the world with our message – I get it.

We’re busy.

Our ‘to-do’ lists are neverending.

So, when creating any form of content to build brand awareness and our authority we want to ensure it’ll deliver the best return on our time and money investment.

My response to the above question is in two parts.

  1. It depends. And,
  2. Neither one is better than the other.

Firstly, the best ROI when comparing video, blogs, and podcasts will depend on WHO your ideal customer is AND how they prefer to consume information.

Do they prefer to read an article/book? Watch a video? Listen to content?

And secondly, as for which is better?

When used strategically they can ALL deliver great results, especially if the information you provide is created with intention and purpose and offers valuable content you know your ideal client will appreciate.

And, when all three mediums are integrated into a well thought-out strategy – it can deliver exceptional results. [I’ll provide an example below so you can see how my clients and I are using an integrated strategy to build brand awareness, our authority, our lists, and ultimately our customer base].

Here’s what I have learned, heard and observed when it comes to blogs vs videos vs podcasts.

Blogs and reading:

  • Blogs (and books) are typically scanned – especially if people are busy and don’t have time to read long copy.
  • When people read, they may not get a true sense (or context) of what you are trying to convey because he/she (the reader) is influenced by their own beliefs and perceptions (i.e. their inner critic/chatter).

Video and viewing:

  • People are busy and haven’t got time to sit in front of a screen to watch long videos. In fact, many videographers recommend we keep a video short and concise. No more than 3-5 minutes.
  • I heard recently on a podcast that people often minimise a video and just listen to the audio, especially if they are driving or performing another activity. Therefore they consume the video’s content by listening to the audio.

Audio & listening:

  • Statistics confirm that people tend to listen to podcasts in their own time. Edison Research in their ‘Infinite Dial Study, (conducted each year) have confirmed the most popular places people listen to podcasts is either when they are at home and/or in the car.

[One of my colleagues – a new podcast listener has a favourite podcast he subscribes to – a 40-minute show, which he listens to while either driving to a clients office, mowing the lawn, or while he is in the bath. I kid you not!]

  • People who listen to your podcast can get a sense of who you are and the message you want to convey through the use of your voice, your tone, your pace – all strengthening and deepening ‘know, like and trust’ with your audience.

One of my mentors used to create a video and audio version of his podcast. Yet when tracking results generated only 10% of the video views in comparison to the number of downloads (i.e. listens) he received on his audio podcast. It became an easy decision for him to stop the production of the video version of the podcast.

An eBook author did an experiment and created one blog post and one audio podcast to promote his book. He sold 5 times the amount of ebooks from the audio podcast than he did from the blog post. I believe this confirms that he was able to build a deeper connection with his audience from his podcast, than people who read (i.e. scanned) through his blog post.

So, how can you leverage videos, blogs and podcasts into an integrated approach in your business to help you build brand awareness, your authority, and your list?

Here’s the example I promised to share:Provide ValueStep one – Provide Value:

A brief video (or blog post) provides one clear, valuable tip that provides a solution to a painpoint your ideal client struggles with.

  • You identify the problem;
  • You share ONE key misconception that is keeping people stuck;
  • You dive into one clear solution and what people need to be doing;
  • As well as the results they can expect to achieve after implementation of the solution you have just shared. [A case study showcasing results is a powerful way to do this].

Step two – You Seed:

Towards the end of the video (or blog post) re-emphasise the problem and how your solution is just one thing people must change if they want to achieve the outcome they desire.

You mention you’ve only just scratched the surface, however that you dive much deeper providing more information to help them in a podcast series you’ve created, as well as a checklist to guide them step-by-step through the solution process. It’s your gift to them.

Step Three: You Lead

To access the podcast series and checklist all they need to do is go to the link (which you provide) and you’ll send over the information directly to them once they’ve provided their best contact details, which then adds them to your relationship building and nurturing system so you can continue to build ‘know, like and trust’.

When you’re providing valuable content, which your ideal client wants and engages with, this process works!

For me, I’ve had prospective clients contact me after just listening to three of my podcast episodes. The time they spent listening to my voice and the content I shared continued to build a level of trust and integrity that they knew they wanted to work with me. When a podcast (or podcast series) is created purposefully and strategically, that’s what can happen.

In closing, here’s a question I’ll often ask people:

“What would it mean to your business if you could spend 20-30 minutes with your ideal client listening and consuming your information because they wanted to, week after week?”

Let me ask YOU the same question – “What would spending 20-30 minutes per week with your ideal client be worth to you and your business?”

A podcast can certainly enable you to do that.

That’s #PodcastingWithPurpose

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