Stumbled across some exciting sales statistics this week that as coaches and consultants you’ll want to be aware of as you continue to create and share content and even have sales conversations with prospective customers.

Each of these 7 statistics confirm the importance of creating valuable and compelling content your ideal customer can find as they continue to search for a solution to their challenge, and a coach to help them achieve their goals.

Why are these statistics exciting?

Because the studies confirm that your ideal customer wants valuable content/information, they want to be nurtured along the customer journey, and if you do it well, it’ll influence their decision to hire you. You become THE coach vs just A coach when they’re ready to invest.

Let’s dive in.

Statistic 1: Half of your prospects are not the right match for your product or service.

According to Sales Insights Lab, sellers can spend way too much time on potential customers that are not a good fit for their coaching/consulting services. In fact, they believe half of your prospects are not a good fit, which is quite a staggering number.

Remember, not everyone is your ideal client.

Are you spending (or should I say wasting) time having conversations with the wrong prospect? It can not only be exhausting, however also be taking up room in your calendar for that dream client you know you can support.

Imagine enrolling a 6-month (or longer) client into one of your programs, only to find out a few months in that you’re spending way too much time and energy supporting someone who’ll continue to struggle (even with your support) because they’re just not the right fit.

TO DO: While it’s important to get clear on your lucrative ideal/dream client and ensure all of your content is aimed at capturing and nurturing a relationship with him/her, as important is knowing who you don’t want to work with and who your ideal client is NOT.

This ensures the people who are NOT your ideal client, are not progressing in your customer relationship-building funnel, nor are they booking into your calendar or enrolling into your higher-end coaching offerings.

Statistic 2. 71% of customers would like to hear from sales professionals early in their buying journey.

Studies by RAIN group challenges the misconception that your ideal client doesn’t want to hear from you early on in their decision-making process. In fact, their research shows that 71% of buyers do want to hear from sellers, which is a wonderful opportunity to begin a relationship with a prospective customer.

This is why in my article – The 3 Stages of the Customer Journey, when your ideal client is actively searching for a solution to help them address a challenge, they find your valuable content in their search.

By providing valuable insights to your prospective customer is key as you continue to build ‘know, like and trust’ and position yourself as a trusted influential authority – THE coach vs just a coach when they’re ready to move forward.

Don’t take my word for it – the next statistic confirms just how many of your ideal client’s purchasing decision is influenced by providing value during the awareness building stage of the customer journey.

TO Do: Make sure your Customer Relationship-Building Funnel has a robust content-development strategy so you’re showing up early on in the customer journey in the Awareness Building Stage.

Statistic 3: 96% of buyers claim that sellers who focus on the value they can deliver will influence their purchasing decisions.

This can be a game-changer for you and your coaching business IF you continue to share valuable, relevant content for your ideal customer during the Awareness Building Stage of their customer journey, as they continue to get to ‘know, like and trust you.’

In fact, according to Marketing Dive, 96% buyers claim that if sellers provided valuable information and insights that this would influence their purchasing decisions.

Provide valuable, compelling content you know will be of value to your ideal customer and that will continue to build your reputation and your credibility as a trusted authority.

Share relevant insights into why they are struggling along with some key steps as to what they can do in order to begin moving towards their goals. What are the lessons you’ve learned and now teach clients that have enabled them to achieve their goals – therefore showcasing your expertise and valuable support? Share this.

Be the solution.

TO DO: Get clear on your message, have a robust content strategy that continues to sew valuable insight and lessons into the lives of your ideal client. They’ll be back when they’re ready to make a decision BECAUSE you’ve consistently provided value along the entire customer journey.

Statistic 4: Before making a purchase, 82% of customers view five or more content items from the winning vendor.

If I was your ideal client and was to do a search online for content that addressed the challenge I was struggling with and looking for an answer for, would I find your content?

Studies done by Propeller CRM confirmed that 82% of your ideal customers view 5 or more pieces of content from the winning vendor.

Whether it be podcast episodes, articles/blog posts, or micro-content shared across the social platforms, you want to make sure you have valuable content your ideal customer can discover during their search for a potential coach to support them.

And, not just the same content other coaches are sharing, but your unique and uncopyable message and story that is insightful, valuable and showcases your expertise, while positioning you as THE coach vs just A coach to help them overcome their challenge and achieve their goals.

TO DO: Have a robust marketing/content development strategy your ideal client wants to binge listen/watch/read.

Statistic 5. 75% of all B2B purchases are made online.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, 75% of all B2B purchases are made online. This is due to being able to make purchases 24/7, along with the speed of completing transactions.

How active are you across social channels? Are you building your reputation as a trusted authority online and on channels that are reflecting and building your reputation due to your brand and your brand voice being shared consistently there? I.e. a podcast.

While some of you may have high-level coaching programs, which will require a conversation to ensure whether the client is a good fit or not, the relationship you build starts online.

Plus, if you have Homestudy Courses, which your ideal customer can go through at their own pace, you’ll definitely want to ensure your ideal customer is able to find, purchase and begin the course all at the push of a button, when they’re ready.

TO-DO: Have a robust business model and marketing/communications strategy that doesn’t neglect the online space. You could be leaving a lot of money on the table.

Statistic 6. Businesses see a 451% increase in qualified leads using marketing automation for nurturing prospects.

It can be exhausting following up with every single person who has come into contact with at a networking even, who have been referred to you, let alone those people who have found you online.

Each of them at a different stage of the Customer Journey, each having a different buying preference, and each of them wanting more information about how you can support them, which is not just information about your coaching program, but valuable insights and lessons your share.

How can you manage this all? Easy – automate the parts of the Customer Relationship-Building Funnel that could and should be automated, so you can focus specifically on the stages of the relationship-building funnel that in regards to ‘personal’ touches/meetings, etc.

In fact, according to Fronetics, businesses who do automate their Customer Relationship-Building Funnel see a 451% increase in qualified leads. What impact would a 451% increase in qualified leads make for your business?

TO DO: Strategically automate your Customer Relationship-Building Funnel so you continue to build ‘know, like and trust’, and your reputation as an influential Trusted Authority – THE choice vs just A choice with your ideal/dream client.

Statistic 7: How many touchpoints does it take to make a sale?

According to RAIN Sales training, on average, it takes eight touchpoints to close sale. However, as always, every prospect is different so the number of touchpoints can differ, so it’s important you Customer Relationship-Building Funnel has at least a minimum of 8 touchpoints.

TO DO: Ensure you have at least 8 strategic touchpoints in your Customer Relationship-Building Funnel as you continue to build a relationship with your prospective customer to become THE coach vs just A coach, when they’re ready to move forward.

Are you a coach struggling to create content that builds visibility and influences the sale? Book in a time to chat to see why your message isn’t working.