Been told you don’t need a website?

That advice is WRONG, especially if you’re a Change Maker and aspiring Thought Leader who wants to build your reputation as that ‘go-to’ person in your industry.

Recently, I was horrified to learn that a Life Coach had been told by her business coach that she didn’t need a website.

Social media, including her Facebook Page and Facebook Personal Profile was where she could share more about her services and sales offerings.

This conversation came about after I had spent time seeking a certified coach in a specific modality on behalf of a colleague, without much luck.

I had even gone to a Professional Association’s Membership listing (the governing body of that specific modality), and was surprised (and concerned) at the lack of coaches who had any online presence, whatsoever.

So I wrote a post about my experience, which received some interesting comments.

And, subsequently, I did a brief Facebook Live where I shared three reasons why do DO NEED a website, if you want to build your reputation as an Industry Thought Leader.

Why You Need a Website

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