A few years ago I facilitated a goal setting workshop for a group of executives. Each mapped out their visions, their goals and what they wanted to achieve over the next 12 months.

All except one.

She told me that she only ever set goals that she knew she would achieve. She’d think of a goal then map out a suggested step-by-step action plan. If she recognised the goal was achievable – she’d set it. And, if she didn’t think it was possible – she wouldn’t.

She only lasted a few months at the company.

How do you view setting goals?

Sadly, many business owners I speak to who have previously set BIG bold goals that they’d failed to achieve – rather than letting it be an opportunity to learn and grow from, their ‘failure’ has them playing small. Or not at all.

Because when you don’t STRETCH yourself, when you don’t set BIG goals, when you don’t play FULL out, you’re not potentially setting yourself up for disappointment, when/if you don’t quite reach your goals.


Sadly, this is wrong. [And, I know, because I’ve been there myself. On more than one occasion.]

Here’s what I’ve learned…

As a Change Maker and aspiring Thought Leader who wants to make a difference in the world by BEING the difference, playing small and NOT setting bold goals is NOT serving you or the clients you are here to support.

Each circumstance, challenge and even ‘failure’ is just feedback. And, can be an incredible learning opportunity IF you let it.

My friend, get back up. Refocus, set that goal, and get into action.

The world NEEDS to hear your message.

And, if this is something you’re struggling with – I highly recommend you join me in my Money, Marketing & Mindset Mastermind as goal setting, taking action and accountability is exactly what we’ll be focusing on so you can make a much impact with your message!