If you’ve been following this blog for a while or have listened to one of my podcasts, I’m sure you’ve heard me speak about the importance of being consistent.

In fact, my formula for success, says it all.


Clarity + Consistency, Over Time, WILL enable you to build the Momentum you need to grow a successful business.

But herein lies an issue when it comes to the formula.

With regards to Clarity – I’m talking about being clear on your message – and more specifically a message that works. Because sharing a message that’s not already working with more consistency still won’t work in generating the momentum you need.

Or, another thing that can happen is to consistently share a message that’s NOT aligned with your goals, which can lead you in the wrong direction. So, you become known for something you don’t really enjoy, or even want to be known for.

I’ve been there and done that, as have some of my clients.

Several years ago, when I worked with coaches on their Brand Strategy, one of my connections knew I’d been leveraging social media for years, and asked if I’d be willing to speak to their business network.

As social media was still relatively new at the time, I was happy to share what I’d learned through trial and error over the years. It wasn’t long before I was receiving numerous invitations to speak, along with a contract with Chisholm Institute to create the first Industry-endorsed Digital Media Course in Australia.

Sounds like a great outcome, right? Wrong.

I was a Brand Strategist, which was what I really wanted to be known for. I hadn’t really intended on building my reputation as a social media expert, nor did I have, nor want, to create coaching programs to help clients with their social media.

I didn’t realise just how much I’d watered down my message, until a colleague of mine, who had known me for years, shared how she was excited to have hired a Brand Strategist to help her revitalise her brand. She stopped mid-sentence and looked at me rather horrified when she remembered that this was exactly what I did as well.

She’d forgotten that I was a Brand Strategist and could have supported her, because she now thought of me as a social media expert. This was a huge lesson for me about what not to do when it comes to consistently sharing a message that was not aligned to my overall goals.

So, in today’s newsletter I’m sharing 5 things you’ll want to get clear on with regards to your message so it keeps you focused on the right message. When you consistently share this message over time, you’ll be building the momentum you need, that’s heading in the right direction.

Let’s dive in.


Your Umbrella Statement, which can also be used as your tagline, is an overarching statement that is focused on the specific outcome you can help your ideal/dream client achieve.

I didn’t have a clear Umbrella Statement in the example I shared above, so when I started speaking more frequently about social media, people soon forgot I was a Branding Strategist first and foremost.

However, had I had a clear outcome-focused Umbrella Statement like the one I have today, which is “From Invisible to Influential Trusted Authority with an Uncopyable Brand, Message and Podcast.”

I could have spoken about how when you use social media correctly, you can be seen by your ideal client, therefore helping you go from invisible to influential far quicker. My Umbrella Statement would have kept me focused on that ONE direction and outcome.

OVER TO YOU: Do you have a clear outcome-focused statement that your message is consistently portraying?
Or, like me, your message changes depending on what people are most interested in.

Have you heard about the power of 3, or the “Rule of Three”?

According to an online search:

“It’s a renowned writing principle that suggests when things come in threes, they are inherently funnier, more satisfying, or more effective than other numbers of things. Think of a famous phrase or slogan and chances are it’s structured in three.”

Using the Rule of Three with your Core Themes, what are three key areas that you can speak into and that are relevant to your Umbrella Statement. Each time you share content in any of these three areas, you are consistently building your reputation as an influential Trusted Authority towards your outcome-focused Umbrella Statement.

For instance, my three key areas are Personal Branding, Podcasting, and Mindset.

I help coaches go from Invisible to Influential Trusted Authority through helping them with their Personal Brand, their Podcast, and their Mindset.

Every time I speak about a specific topic, it is either to do with Personal Branding, Podcasting or Mindset and shares an insight that will help coaches go from Invisible to Influential Trusted Authority – THE choice vs just A choice with their ideal/dream client.

OVER TO YOU: Thinking about your outcome-focused Umbrella Statement – what are three key areas – Your Core Themes you can continue to speak into and build your reputation in as a trusted authority?


Unlike your Core Themes where there are only three, there are no limitations to the number of Core Topics you speak about, as long as they are relevant to your Core Themes and your Umbrella Statement.

For instance, one of my Core Themes is Podcasting. There are a number of core topics I can speak about when it comes to podcasting as a way to build visibility and your business, including:

  • Podcasting vs Podcasting as a Business for Coaches
  • How to Monetize your Podcast as a Coach
  • How to Nurture Listeners into Leads from Your First Podcast Episode
  • How Your Podcast Can Help You Go from Invisible to Influential Trusted Authority
  • Podcast Interviewing Tips for the Guest who Won’t Stop Talking
  • Monetizing Your Podcast through Building Relationships
  • The Power of Storytelling and Podcasting

Can you see the various topics I can write about that’ll share valuable insights to my audience as well as position my expertise as a trusted authority in podcasting? Each topic specifically tailored for coaches and business owners looking to build their reputation as a trusted authority.

OVER TO YOU: Create a list of topics you can write about in each of the three Core Themes you have chosen. Write down a list of 10 in each and you’ll have 30 pieces of contents you can create and repurpose for a year worth of valuable and consistent content.


Every challenge you have overcome, every problem you have solved, has shaped your character and enabled you to come up with a step-by-step solution to address that challenge/problem, which can be a valuable lesson your ideal client can learn from you.

That’s what your Invisible Thread is.

The relevant Markers and Milestones that you can teach and share with your dream client to build ‘know, like and trust’ while validate you, your expertise and your Signature Program.

  • Markers are significant events that have enabled you to come up with a way – key steps (whether new and/or innovative) to address the problem you were faced with.
  • Milestones are the successes and achievements you secured through implementing the key steps you now teach and share with clients.

For instance, when I first started podcasting in 2008, my co-host and I struggled to monetize it and nurture listeners into leads. In fact, we ended up stopping the show after two years because we just couldn’t afford to produce our show with the lack of monetary return for each of our businesses.

Several years later (and continuing podcasting for my businesses), it wasn’t after the launch of Women In Leadership Podcast with three episodes being published that I accidentally generated two four-figure clients.

I say accidentally, because I started this podcast after my worst business failure EVER, as a way to deal with my grief and loss. I decided to interview as many women leaders as I could, in order to surround myself with other women and learn what they did to overcome challenges.

However, after generating two clients from that podcast, I wondered whether I could retrace the steps that these two women business owners took to go from not knowing me at all through to wanting to hire me. And, a book and a program later – Podcasting With Purpose was born and is now what I support my clients with.

OVER TO YOU: What are the significant Markers and Milestones you can weave into your unique and uncopyable story that when you continue to share will consistently add value to your reputation as a trusted authority in your specific area of expertise and have your ideal client decide they want to work with YOU?


Last but not least, are your Signature Sayings and Slogans. These are pearls of wisdom which challenges the status quo and that can become known for something you teach and often say. Especially if it becomes a branded hashtag that aligns with your message and brand.

Here are a few of mine:


  • #MessageBEFOREMicrophone
  • #PodcastingWithPurpose
  • #InterviewingWithPurpose


  • You can’t edit and mix compelling content that converts from fluff and banter. Even if it was recorded on the most expensive microphone. #MessageBEFOREMicrophone. That’s #PodcastingWithPurpose
  • Authenticity isn’t a buzz word – it’s PARAMOUNT.

OVER TO YOU: What are some sayings you regularly share to bring home a message that is unique to you? Or, if you haven’t got any yet – what could some Signature Sayings and Slogans be that you can continue to share?


If you’ve realised you don’t have clarity in any of these areas – Annemarie can help! Go ahead and book in a Let’s Chat call.