Hey Coach! Want to know the KEY to success when it comes to building your reputation as an influential Trusted Authority – THE choice vs just a choice for your ideal client?  

You ready? Here it is….   

The Key to Success is: Clarity + Consistency + Constancy = SUCCESS

Let’s break it down a little.

For starters you need CLARITY in:

  • Who your ideal client is, their challenges and desires PLUS being able to share your message through the lens and language of your ideal client so he/she resonates with it the moment they hear, see or read your message. 
  • What makes you unique and uncopyable in comparison to all the other coaches in your industry, along with your promise of value and promise of expectation that you know is exactly what your ideal client is looking for. Again, using language that instantly resonates with him/her. 

Can I stress that the KEY (along with clarity) is being totally clear on the language your ideal client uses – otherwise your message will continue to go unnoticed as he/she doesn’t realise you’re speaking to them. 

That’s why inside of all of my coaching programs we teach a powerful technique that enables you to get in front of your ideal client so you can identify the EXACT words and phrases – the language your ideal clients are using to describe their challenges along with their dreams, desires and goals.  

When it comes to understanding your ideal client ‘assumption’, ‘guessing’ or ‘hoping’ you’ve captured the right words and phrases isn’t helpful. Getting totally clear is key!  


  • Sharing the same clear and concise message – so you don’t confuse your audience. This can be difficult for those of us who love learning, are multi passionate and have a diverse background. You’ve got to find the invisible thread that ties all of that unique and uncopyable knowledge and experience into ONE clear and powerful message that speaks directly into the challenges and dreams/desires of your ideal client. 


  • Following through and showing up, every single day OR with a strategy you know works for you. It takes time to build the momentum you need to build your reputation as an influential Trusted Authority AND a clear and solid strategy to continue nurturing your ideal customer along the buyer’s journey is key. 

So, do you have the clarity you need in the areas I mentioned above? Are you showing up consistently with the ONE clear and concise message? And, are you showing up regularly over time to ensure your building and maintaining the momentum you need to become that influential Trusted Authority? These three areas are KEY to your success!  

And, if clarity in your message and what makes you unique and uncopyable is something you’re struggling with, access our free Distinguishable, Uncopyable and Irresistible Masterclass – even if you’re in a crowded marketplace for some more tips.

Or, book a time in my calendar and let’s see how I can best support you.