Picture this.

You’ve spent countless hours preparing your program launch.

Everything is moving forward like clockwork and the last email is just about to go out. With the special offer you’ve included you’re expecting to generate some real interest from your list.

Then it happens. It’s the thing you dread the most.

No signups.

Has this happened to you? You’re certainly not alone.

I’m sure we all have a sad story to share about a program launch that didn’t get any (or many) signups.

Or a time when a prospect has just replied ‘no thanks’ to your offer despite the amazing presentation you’ve just delivered.

While this may feel like a blow to the stomach, it’s important NOT to take this personally.

Because doing so can lead to feelings of inadequacy in launching another program or presenting your offer to another prospect.

Just because he/she has decided not to hire you, doesn’t mean you’re unworthy of being hired.

One of my recent tweets said: “Received a ‘no’ to your pitch? Don’t take it personally. They may not yet be ready. Be there when they are.”

Notice how I’ve bolded the words ‘be there when they are’? I’ve done that for a reason.

Why you may feel like giving up on that prospect (or worse case – you feel like giving up altogether) it’s important NOT to walk away, but to maintain contact with him/her.

Here’s why.

According to Meridith Elliot Powell – Author of ‘42 Rules to Turn Prospects into Customers’ “It can take between 8-12 touches (communications) with a prospect during a healthy economy before they say ‘yes’. However, in a shifting economy it can take double that amount of time.”

This is something we all need to be mindful of.

Are you regularly keeping in contact with your prospects? Do you have a keep-in-touch strategy in place that allows you to reach out to each of your prospects up to 20 times?

Many entrepreneurs don’t, and therefore end up doing nothing. Or their keep-in-touch strategy is completely ineffective and comes across as being too pushy or annoying.

Here are several ways you can remain top of mind with your prospective client so that you’re the first person they think of when they’re finally ready to move forward.

  1. Start a podcast. Hearing your voice on a regular (weekly or even bi-monthly) basis is one of the best ways to build ‘know, like and trust’ and remain top of mind.
  2. Seen an article that would be of interest to your prospect? Send them a copy along with a friendly note that you’re thinking of them and believe this article may be helpful.
  3. Have you written an article recently that relates to something they are struggling with? Send them a copy (or link to your blog). This will not only keep you top of mind, but will also continue to confirm your expertise and credibility in your work.
  4. Are you connected to this person through your social media connections and continuing to position yourself as an authority in your field through articles and posts?

The more your name shows up in conversations and the more your articles get shared and Liked by your extended community, the more your expertise is confirmed as you show up on their social media feeds.

  1. Has one of your clients recently completed your program and generated some amazing results and written an amazing testimonial?

Send a copy of this to your prospect and let them know that your goal would be to support them in achieving the same outcome (success) as your client when they are ready to move forward.

  1. Have you recently won an award? Drop your prospect a note stating that your commitment to delivering outstanding outcomes is paramount and confirmed through the recent award.
  2. Are you going to be speaking at a networking/business event? Sometimes organisers will give you some free tickets which you could then send to your prospect along with an invitation to join you.

If organisers don’t do this, why don’t you invest in a ticket (or two) for your prospect and invite them along as your special guest. They are going to benefit from the networking opportunities plus get the chance to hear your speak – thus allowing you to confirm your expertise and credibility in your field.

  1. Keep an eye out to see what your prospect is doing in their business. Have they won an award? Written an article? Been mentioned by the press? Send them a card to congratulate them on their recent achievement.
  2. Have you been interviewed on a podcast/radio show and have shared some tips that you know your prospect will find helpful?

Send them a link to the recording, which they can either download to their smartphone or listen to from their computer. Again, this is a great way to provide value to your prospect while confirming you are an authority in your field.

These are just a few of the ideas that I have come up with in the space of a few minutes.

Remember, your prospect may not be ready to invest in you yet.

However by ensuring you have a strategic keep-in-touch system in place, incorporating some of the above suggestions will ensure they think of YOU when they’re ready to move forward.

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