Podcasting: Busting The Myths

Podcasting: Busting The Myths

Are you trying to build your reputation as an Industry Thought Leader?

Then it’s time to bust the following podcasting myths:

  • You need an existing audience for your podcast to be successful AND get clients.
  • You need to have hundreds of thousands of listeners before you can generate income from a podcast.
  • Get the right microphone and you’re set to go.

Anyone can start a podcast. BUT that doesn’t mean you should.

Find out what you must have in place if you want to build your reputation as an Industry Thought Leader with a podcast including my Formula: S + T + U = I [to the power of 3] as Steve Brossman – Authority Catalyst interviews me on The Entrepreneurs Locker Room.

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Award-winning Podcast Host & Producer, Annemarie Cross - dubbed "The Podcasting Queen" by her guests and clients helps Change Makers and aspiring Thought Leaders become an Influential Voice in their Industry with her Done-With-You and Done-For-You podcast and/or podcast series offerings.