One of the benefits of being a Podcast Host is the continual learning and development opportunities you get through the guests being featured on your podcast, who are disrupting their industries.

And, when one of those guests is your daughter – it’s an even bigger thrill!

A while ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing my daughter on Women In Leadership Podcast, as she shared her business growth story about how she went from our garage to her own professional studio.

Her industry – Fitness & Health is highly saturated with multi-billion dollar constantly bombarding all forms of media about their fast fixes and promises of how to loose weight, get fit, [you name the outcome] with their pills, potions, shakes and meal replacement plans.

It’s a noisy, cluttered, and confusing industry.

However, what she did in order to grow her business is a great lesson for us all.

Especially if our industries are filled with cluttered, mixed messages.

Listen to her story here:

Here’s a summary of the 8 things she did that you can do immediately, guaranteed to enable you to cut through the clutter and disrupt your industry, for the better.

  1. She did the opposite of what everyone else was doing.
  2. She got clear on her values and NEVER compromised them.
  3. She invested in mentors from the beginning – mentors who were in her industry and where she wanted to be.
  4. She eliminated all the distractions so she didn’t get stuck comparing herself to others.
  5. She became highly skilled in her field, through continued professional development. [She knows her stuff – and her inner confidence continues to shine through when speaking with prospective/current clients].
  6. She allowed herself to build momentum and continues to grow and expand her business. This was also reflected in her packages and pricing.
  7. She kept her eye on the ball and took the right action steps her business mentors encouraged her to take (which were the exact steps THEY took to get where they were]. Just the same day-to-day tasks – no shiny object chasing and listening to so-called biz growth experts touting empty promises about the next best thing tactic to grow your business.
  8. She understood who her ideal client is, and turned away anyone who didn’t fit that profile in order to protect and nurture a community of people (clients) who continue to be her advocates.

And, most of all, she loves, supports and continues to give her best to all her clients.

There were many more lessons, however this is what I learned from her presentation and of course what I have observed over the last few years as she continued reaching her milestones.

In summary:

Get clear. Get the RIGHT mentor. Eliminate distractions. Stay focused. Show up-DAILY. Disrupt your industry and do the opposite – if you don’t agree with what they’re doing. Just be you! Love your clients.

Struggling to get clear on your Thought Leadership message so you can cut through the clutter and disrupt your industry with your own podcast? Let’s chat!