Over the next few weeks I’m going to be sharing insights into the #7PodcastingMistakes that many Change Makers and aspiring Thought Leaders make, which is why they struggle to increase their podcast listeners and ultimately their leads, enquiries and ultimately paying customers.

It all starts with a clearly defined strategy.

Because your strategy directs AND will determine your success.

For instance:

  • In what specific area (niche) do you want to build your Thought Leadership?
  • What topics speak directly into that area that you know your ideal clients will be searching for AND find valuable?
  • Who are the other experts and Thought Leaders (in that area or relevant topic) that can add value to the conversation and whom you can invite to be guests on your show?

Right through to your:

  • Podcast title;
  • Bio;
  • Show blurb;
  • Intro/outro
  • Introduction
  • Stories and case studies, just to name a few.

Without a clear strategy (which is really a clear plan which is designed to help you achieve a long term goal/outcome), it’s easy to get off track and off topic, therefore confuse (and loose) your listeners.

Do you have a podcast? Or are you in the process of planning to launch a podcast?

If I was your ideal client and I was to read your show blurb – would I know exactly what your show was about and be compelled to listen?

And more importantly if I WAS to listen to any of your episodes – are you speaking specifically to what you have said your podcast is about?

It should!

Or, is the information you’re sharing off topic, you’ve provided no clear context on why this show is relevant to me and the value I’ll walk away with should I listen?

Here’s a video/audio where I share some examples of helping clients brainstorm a clear strategy for their podcasts.

Here’s some additional examples of my own podcasts:

Women In Leadership Podcast – empowering women to achieve their full potential whether they are in corporate or working in their own business. 

Guests will be sharing the highs and lows of their careers, the challenges they had to face head-on, as well as their words of wisdom to help us become more purposeful in all aspects of our lives, our businesses and our careers.

Note: From the Podcast show title right through to the show blurb, the keywords and phrases Women in Leadership have been prominent throughout.  As are all of the guests on the show, who are contributing to the conversation of leadership for women, whether they are in their own business or working in corporate.

Conversations with Christian Entrepreneurs to inspire and empower Christian Business Owners to walk strongly in their faith, WHILE build a thriving business that honours Him, in every way.

Note: Any guess who this show is for and what listeners will gain through listening?

Welcome to Industry Thought Leader Podcast – Stand Out, Be Heard, Influence. Want to influence real change with your message while become known as an authority in your field? Industry Thought Leader Podcast will show you how.

Note: Can you guess who the show is for and what the topics discussed on the show will help listenes achieve?


Struggling to define a clear strategy for your Thought Leader podcast? Let’s chat.