Do you have a podcast? Or, are you thinking about starting a podcast?

Even, if you haven’t even considered a podcast – perhaps I can share another benefit/outcome I’ve achieved from my podcast that prompt you to consider why starting a podcast may just be THE strategy in your business, you’re looking for.  

When it comes to monetizing podcasts, many people immediately think of sponsorships and advertising. While that is just one way to monetize your podcast – as a Coach/Consultant, there’s many more ways that’ll generate greater results, especially for highly-niched smaller audiences. It’s why you’ll hear me say: “Monetize your OWN message before you monetize someone else’s through sponsorships.” 

One of those ways of monetizing your own message is through the ongoing nurturing of those relationships and the collaborations/business opportunities that can come out of the relationships you continue to build. 

Let me share just one example with you.  

On one of my episodes on Women In Leadership, prior to the interview with my guest and the topic she was speaking about, I shared a vulnerable heartfelt message about a very difficult time in my life – the loss of a child. One of the most significant ways I was able to work through the grief and loss during that time, was very much part of the subject my guest was going to speak about, so I thought it only fitting to share a little more about my personal journey with my audience.  

Someone I had not met before reached out to me on Linkedin and told me that she had listened to the episode and had been truly moved by my story.  

Part of her message: “I think you would be a fabulous person to collaborate with, I have listened to a couple of your podcasts and your story and approach resonates very strongly with me.”

That message led to a discussion, which lead to the collaboration and partnership between Business Women Australia and my Podcast Network – Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network, with me becoming the Host and Producer of Business Women Australia, and later the Director of Podcasting as I joined their Leadership Team.  

And, with ongoing nurturing of our relationship a few years later we’ve formed another collaboration partnership with Business Women Australia and my training arm – Industry Thought Leader Academy now launching two of our training programs – Core Business Foundations and 90-Day Idea to Launch Your Podcast within their community of executive and entrepreneurial leaders. 

These collaborations initially came about because of my podcast, as I continued to build ‘know, like and trust’ while bringing my story and core values to life in every episode. 

We’ve created a win, win, win collaboration as it enables us to make a much bigger impact in the lives of the BWA collective – students who go through the courses and are able to continue to grow both professionally and personally, as well as contributing to the growth in visibility and profitability for both of our companies, as well. A win, win, win for all. 

All starting from my podcast.   

It’s why in my 90-Day Idea to Launch Your Podcast in the Foundations Modules, we work closely in defining each podcast hosts unique and uncopyable brand, message and story, along with the Hosts unique and uncopyable Brand Persona/Charisma that enables him/her to create a unique, uncopyable and irresistible Listener Experience.

THAT’s the power of podcasting.  

Looking to monetize your podcast through the power of relationships and collaborations?  

Love to see you inside our community of Change Makers as we go from Idea to Launch YOUR podcast – together in 90 days!!