With so many podcasts to compete with, how do you make the most of YOUR podcast interview to reach the right audience?

HINT: It starts BEFORE you even reach out to a potential podcast host to express your interest in being a guest on their show.

Sadly though, many business leaders and knowledge experts fall in the trap of “doing a podcast” and believe that the job is done once the interview is completed.

However, to build visibility, reach and brand awareness, there are things that should be undertaken BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the interview that’ll make ALL the difference.

Download the workbook and then watch this masterclass replay below (which was originally created for Business Women Australia and Business Women Australia Podcast) to learn tips about:

  • How to leverage your Podcast interview to nurture listeners along the customer/stakeholder journey;
  • The ONE page you SHOULD have on your website to leverage ALL media opportunities;
  • How to repurpose your interview into multiple core content snippets building your thought leadership, and more…