This week, I’m in the recording studio producing a podcast series for a VIP client.

I wanted to share something that came up in conversation while we worked through Stage 1 and 2 of The Podcast Profit Framework – Purpose and Planning.

It will be helpful for you as you create episode titles for your own podcast and/or podcast series.

My client will be using her podcast series as part of her Podcast Profit Pipeline as a way to build her list. Once people are on her list she can continue with her nurturing sequence/strategy, building ‘know, like and trust’, while adding value with the content she provides, with the ultimate goal of building desire for those people who are ready, when she launches her event and programs.

A question she raised was whether the title I had selected for each of her individual episodes should be tweaked to include and reference specific words she had selected for her event.

My answer was ‘No’, because of the following reasons:


  • When creating a podcast episode title, I purposefully incorporate words and phrases I know her ideal client will be searching for. Doing this means there will be more likelihood in the podcast being found.

Emotional Engagement:

  • I also put each episode title through ensure it received as high a score as possible. [Note: in this instance each of my headings were ranking above 50% (one even as high as 70%), which according to AMI is in the ‘gifted’ level of copywriting. This means it’s going to capture attention and reasonate emotionally with her ideal clients. A win in my book!].
  • I also wanted to make sure each podcast title was memorable and rolled off the tongue. Which is does.

PLUS, and more importantly from a branding perspective it also aligned with her unique blend of Brand Archetypes and her overall message.

A ‘win, win, win,’ which is exactly what I look for when creating podcast episode titles.

Once I explained this to her, she was happy not to use the title of her event.

Here’s the lesson for you:

The title of your Signature Program (in my client’s case – her upcoming event), may not be the best idea to include in searchable titles.

Especially considering it won’t be what your ideal clients will be searching for, nor what they typically will want more information on.

Because they don’t yet know what they don’t know.

In my client’s case, with her podcast series we’re going to educate her listeners as to why they’re struggling and what they need to begin working on instead to begin working towards their dreams and goals.

It’ll be a HUGE and valuable learning for them, and a realisation WHY they continue to struggle, and HOW she’s able to help them break through their struggles to finally achieve their goals.

Remember, speak to what your clients are want; THEN educate and give them what they need; and then entice them to take the next step with a compelling Call to Action.

My client’s podcast series does all three!

Want to work with Annemarie to have your own Podcast Series created to grow your reputation as a Thought Leader while continue to build your list, your leads, enquiries and ultimately paying customers? Let’s chat.