Recently, as a speaker and panelist at a one-day business conference I was asked to share one thought-provoking tip.

It was: “Never doubt your story is worth sharing.”

Just like when one of my podcast guest’s shared hers.

It was a guest I was interviewing on Women In Leadership Podcast.

I had to do everything in my power to contain my composure as she spoke about the horrific abuse she’d endured throughout her life.

Bruised, battered and left for dead on the side of a road after being gang raped as a teenager after years of abuse by people who were meant to love and protect her, was her story.

Yet, she forgave and fought on.

She didn’t think her story was worth sharing. So when her closest friends continued to encourage her to do so, she finally did.

And, an impact she made.

An entire room of women were in tears. However, one woman was inconsolable.

Because that morning, she’d made a decision that her life was too painful and she was going to end it.

But something made her drive to the place where my guest was speaking that day.

After hearing she wasn’t alone, there was healing on the other side of her pain, and that people cared, she made another decision.

The decision to live.

So, if you think your story isn’t worth sharing?

It is.

So, will you?

Because, someone needs to hear it!

Want to create a compelling story so that it’s relevant and empowers your listeners to take action?

Here are two things to consider:

  • Know your ideal client – intimately.

You’ve heard me say it time and again, because it’s that important.

Understand your ideal client – intimately.

Because unless you know exactly what you’re ideal client is struggling with, the negative impact it’s having on his/her life from a physical, emotional, spiritual, financial perspective, and what he/she is longing for – there’s just no way you achieve a level of engagement you need to compel your listener to take that next step.

How many times have you switched off when listening to a speaker because what he/she was saying had no relevance to you?

Know your ideal client – intimately, so you’re able to build rapport instantly with her, because she understands you ‘get’ her!

She’ll appreciate it! And, so will you when she takes the next step.

  • Be selective in what you share:

My daughter and I attended an event where the speaker provided no context to her story. She went on and on (and on) and it took 15 minutes before she got to her main points.

By that time, it was difficult for us to fully appreciate what it was she wanted to share.

Be selective and intentional in what you share.

You don’t want to confuse your audience, because confusion can lead to disinterest.

Have you provided context at the beginning of your story so people know why what you’re about to share is going to be relevant and valuable for them?

Have you selected the key learning points to take your listener on a journey so they resonate with what you’re sharing AND remain attentive throughout the entire time you share your story?

It’s important, because when you do, he/she is far more likely to be compelled to take action when you invite him/her to.

Want help creating your story? Let’s chat.