Distraction or Opportunity? How do you gauge whether a project you’re considering is a valuable opportunity or a distraction?

This is something I’ve often struggled with over the years.

For those of you who have worked with me on their Signature Brands (with the Branding with Archetypes system I use) my leading Archetype is Explorer. So, of course new projects, shiny objects, learning something new (which can take me off in another direction from what I was originally focusing on) can be an issue for me.

And, as I’m also a Quickstart on the Kolbe A scale, that’s a double-whammy when it comes to my love of starting new projects. So, if I’m not careful – I can become my own worst enemy.

Then, when it comes to daily (and what I call ‘minor’) distractions, I can have the best of plans laid out, however an unexpected telephone call, a notification on one of my social platforms that someone has just commented on one of my posts, an email notification that flashes across my screen can change all that.

Not so long ago, I was part of a community that would often chat via Slack. Many of the people loved being part of the group, knowing they could chat at any time and there would always be someone around to respond.

That community was the worst thing for me – every ping and every message that popped-up was not only a distraction, it wore me out energetically every time I glanced over after seeing another popup appear on my screen. Ugh! I removed myself promptly from that community and shut of any notifications.

These types of distractions are easy to identify and manage – just shut off your devices, block out time in your calendar, and ensure you’re able to focus on the task at hand.

But, what about when an opportunity or a new project comes your way – how do you know whether it is something you should consider doing now, or whether it’s going to be a distraction, and taking you away from what you are currently focused on?

That’s a great question I asked myself several years ago. And, it’s what prompted me to come up with 7 key questions to see whether a project or opportunity I was considering, was a distraction or not.

Because a lack of focused and continuously getting distracted is a HUGE bottleneck to the growth of your business – trust me!

So, if this is something you’re struggling with, too – you’re in luck. In today’s article I share 7 questions you can ask yourself the next time you have an opportunity/project in front of you to see whether it’s a wonderful opportunity, or a distraction.

Thinking about the opportunity:

  1. Is it aligned with your overall business goals and my 90-Day Goal?
  2. Is it manageable in terms of time, energy and focus so you can continue to also work towards my 90-Day Goal?
  3. Will it help you build credibility within my industry?
  4. Will it enable you to get out in front of an audience who are your ideal client?
  5. Will it deliver a solid return (either monetary and/or exposure to justify your time and energy?
  6. Can you use it in other ways to achieve your 90-Day Goal (and overall business goal) more rapidly?
  7. Do you feel inspired and motivated to see it through to completion?


  • If I’ve answered YES to each of these questions it could be a worthwhile opportunity.
  • If I have answer NO to any of these questions, it’s more likely a distraction.

File the idea and reconsider it once you’ve completed your current 90-Day Goal.

I’ve also created an Infographic with these 7 questions you can download (below) so you can keep it on file ready to refer to the next time you’re considering an opportunity/project.

Here’s to kicking distraction to the curb and remaining focused on your project at hand as you finish this year and begin next year – STRONG!

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