Almost daily, I’m asked by Change Makers and aspiring Thought Leaders:

  • “How can I attract a global audience?”
  • “How can I get my message out on a global scale?”
  • “How do I get more impact and reach?”

These are all important questions and one’s that many Change Makers and aspiring Thought Leaders struggle with.

Want to know what my response is?

‘Speak to an audience of one.’

Because, so often we can get caught up focusing on the numbers, including:

  • The size of our email list;
  • The number of connection across our social media accounts.
  • Our podcast downloads, etc.

While our goal may be to influence MANY people on a global scale, focusing only on ‘vanity’ numbers is not the best approach.

Instead, focus on:

  • Your ideal client and what keeps her up at night;
  • What does she truly desire/dream about;
  • And, the solution you offer that’ll help her achieve her dream.

Then, craft a message that speaks hope and possibility into the conversations she’s having with those around her and the conversation she has with herself, when no-one is around.

When you do, she’ll listen.

She’ll want to learn more from you. And, she’ll reach out to you when you invite her to have a conversation.

Continue to do that. Every.Single.Day.

Because when you get the message right that audience of one WILL expand. Globally.

Focus on your audience of one.

Because that’s what making a difference ONE message at a time and ONE person at a time, truly means.

#AudienceOfONE #PodcastingWithPurpose