Your resources for the Mini-Training and Profitable Podcast Virtual Workshop are below

 Step 1

Download the Accompanying Resources

 Step 2

Watch the Naming Your Podcast Video

 Step 3

Watch the Introduction Video

 Step 4

Watch the Checklist Video

 Step 5

Download the Profitable Podcast Workshop Resources

 Step 6

Watch the Profitable Podcast Virtual Workshop Videos

Video 1:
Getting Started: Podcasting Progress Pyramid

Video 2:
Start with the end in mind

Video 3:
The Number One thing you should focus on

Video 4:
The Three Podcast Models

Video 5:
Tactic: Your Thought Leader Podcast Series 

Video 6:
U [You] The Distinction Triad

Video 7:
Podcast Profit Pipeline [Funnel]

Video 8:
Podcast Production Workflow: Technology & Tools

Video 9:
Putting it all together – what next?