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  • The NUMBER ONE thing you need to focus on BEFORE you record your podcast (and it’s NOT technology) as an aspiring Industry Thought Leader.
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  • Five ways to monetize your podcast so it can become profitable and begin to generate opportunities and ultimately customers from your very first episode.
  • The missing link and reason why so many businesses struggle to turn Influence and Impact into Income into leads and ultimately paying customers.
  • Changes in consumer behavior you need to know about to mitigate this with a correctly and strategically produced podcast
  • Deep dive into my Podcast Profit Formula: the components you need to build Authority while go from Invisible to Influential and Profitable with your Podcast
  • Deep dive into the overall Purpose of your Podcast so you can position your podcast to successfully generate the outcome you want
  • Deep dive into Tactic: Your Thought Leader Podcast Series so you can find out the components to create your own
  • Deep dive into The Distinction Triad – so you can create a distinctive Signature Brand – crucial in building Thought Leadership
  • Deep dive into the Podcast Profit Pipeline (Funnel): the entire process/system that enables you to cut through the noise to build awareness of you and your podcast, while begin to nurture listeners into leads and ultimately paying customers from you very first episode.
  • Putting it all together so you can go from Invisible to Influential (and Profitable) and be seen as an Authority in your field.