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Podcasting: Busting The Myths

Are you trying to build your reputation as an Industry Thought Leader? Then it's time to bust the following podcasting myths: You need an existing audience for your podcast to be successful AND get clients. You need to have hundreds of thousands of listeners before...

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Podcasting With Periscope for Thought Leaders

Thinking of starting a podcast to tap into the power of on-demand audio but don’t feel ready, just yet? Twitter has recently launched an Audio-only Live Streaming function on Periscope that may just be a solution for you. While it doesn’t have all of the benefits of a...

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Your Podcasting Questions Answered

In last week's article I answered the question: "Which is better? Video's, Blogs, or Podcasts?" This week, I'm going to answer three more questions I'm frequently asked in the video below, which are: How often should I publish my podcast? How long should my podcast...

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