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Also, if you have some time, here’s a podcast interview (including the behind-the-scenes initial chat with my guest before I pressed record), which I think you’ll find valuable. [Plus, you’ll get to see how my team and I are producing our podcasts and setting up our show notes, etc. All things you’ll need to learn and do as part of being a Podcast Host. Don’t worry if you have NO idea how to do this. This is MY area of expertise and something I teach/show all of my clients].

My guest started her business after being voted off the island from her corporate management position.

Her journey to starting her own business saw her coach more than 100 individual clients to earn the CEC designation in record time. She earned her certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and has build her business to six figures twice.

And, on todays show she’s going to share how she did NOT let the loss of her corporate job keep her stuck, but rather catapulted her into running her own business, and quite successfully from the list of achievements I’ve just mentioned.

Joining me on today’s show is Wendy Y. Bailey.  Wendy is a world class sales and business coach and has served transformation experts globally for over 14 years.

On today’s show Wendy is going to share:

  • Mindset is everything; focus on mindset first and you’ll be able to see opportunities from there;
  • Do what you say you will do; fulfil your comments and you’ll create raving fans every single time;
  • Cultivate relationships with your clients, partners and community.