You’re In!

I can’t wait to see you on the call!


Make sure you put a reminder in your calendar, download the Workbook I’ve provided (below) so you can take notes during our time together, AND join our Podcasting With Purpose community on Facebook (link below).

As a recap, here’s what I’ll be covering:

  • Six Common Podcasting Myths that’ll keep you stuck from creating your profitable podcast;
  • Three Changes in Consumer Behaviour you need to be aware of BEFORE you launch your podcast;
  • Why focusing on technology (i.e. which microphone you should be using) is unwise and what you MUST focus on first if you want to start a profitable podcast;
  • The NUMBER ONE reason why businesses fail to create a profitable podcast so you can avoid falling into the same trap;
  • Three Podcast Profit Models that’ll help you nurture listeners into leads and into paying customers, step-by-step.

By the way, I’m all about Action AND Accountability, because without action – nothing is achieved.

Remember, as an additional bonus for saying ‘YES!’ to yourself, showing up live and staying for the entire call – I’ll gift you my Podcast Production Workflow Checklist. My step-by-step podcast production process including the tools and technologies I use, which will save you HOURS of time.