Thinking of starting a Podcast?

Here’s how we are helping our clients!

WHO is Annemarie Cross:

Annemarie Cross is an Award-winning Podcast Host and Producer, Business & Personal Brand Strategist and author of: Industry Thought Leader – How to Go From Invisible to Influential (and Profitable) with a Podcast.

Dubbed ‘The Podcasting Queen,’ she is recognised as a pioneer in this space by her clients and community, after starting her first podcast in 2008.

Over the years she’s been listed among the Top 25 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs, Top 50 Podcast for Entrepreneurs, and Top 100 Small Business Podcasts worldwide by well-known and respected small business websites, including, while having two of her podcasts syndicated on National and International Radio shows.

Combining her love of technology, branding and digital media, she’s been able to build a business, client base and support team that is truly global by harnessing the power of social media and online technologies – particularly podcasting.

She now supports Change Makers and aspiring Thought Leaders cut through the noise and go from Invisible to Influential (and Profitable) with their own Thought Leader Podcast where they can begin to nurture listeners into leads and ultimately paying clients from their very first episode.

WHY a Podcast? 

People are busy. They haven’t got time to watch long videos – however they are choosing to listen to podcasts because it’s a secondary activity and they can listen while they are commuting, exercising or at home – relaxing or doing chores. [I share more in the video below].

The MORE time you spend with your ideal client, enables you to build that all-important ‘know, like and trust.’

In fact, many people have told me they have binge listened to all of my podcast episodes, which means in some cases they’ve just spent over 60-hours with me, speaking into their lives, getting to know, like and trust me, while giving me permission to educate them with my expertise.

That’s powerful – with NO other medium enabling you to achieve this level of personal engagement with your ideal customer.

WHY build Thought Leadership?

According to a recent study by Linkedin and Edelman:

  • 87% of decision makers say building Thought Leadership builds trust
  • 89% of decision makers say building Thought Leadership enhances your reputation
  • 58% of decision makers say they would choose a business because of their Thought Leadership
  • 61% of decision makers say they are willing to pay premium prices to work with a brand that articulates a clear vision through their Thought Leadership.

Pretty compelling reasons to build YOUR Thought Leader podcast, right?

Build trust. Enhance your reputation. Be chosen. Be paid premium prices. All because you showcased your Thought Leadership!

Watch the video below to see one of the way’s we are working with clients as they create their Thought Leader Podcast.

Next step:

Let’s have a chat to see how a Thought Leader podcast can support your business in building your reach and reputation as an Authority in your field, while nurture listeners into leads and customers/opportunities – right from your very first episode.

Book a time to speak with me here.

P.S. By the way, if you’d like to get some inspiration and insights (while you’re driving or at home) you can check out my very own Thought Leader Podcast series. You can listen to it here (without the need to sign up!). I speak about:

  • Ep 1: “Industry Thought Leader: 5 Key Foundations to Stand Out From the Crowd and Being Seen as an Authority in your field”
  • Ep 2: Industry Thought Leader: 5 Common Barriers that’ll keep you stuck from becoming known as an Authority in your field
  • Ep 3: Industry Thought Leader: The System, Program & Process that’ll enable you to turn increased influence and impact into significant income
  • BONUS Episode: From Podcast Listener into Lead: 3 KEY Strategies to Cut Through the Noise and Nurture prospects into paying customers with Your Thought Leader Podcast Series

Podcast, transcripts and other resources are here.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!