Want to Start a Podcast But Don’t Know Where to Start?



Want to make a  much bigger  impact in the world?

Want to build your reach and reputation as an Authority in your field WHILE nurture leads, enquiries and ultimately paying customers from your very first podcast episode BUT don’t know WHERE to start?

Get access to the ENTIRE Podcast Production Workflow Checklist that Annemarie Cross – Award-Winning Podcast Host and Producer has used to set up numerous podcasts and production of hundreds (and hundreds) of podcast episodes for her Podcast Network, Alliance Partners and clients, over the last 11 years she has been involved in podcasting.

Who is Annemarie Cross?

Dubbed “The Podcasting Queen,” Annemarie is recognized as an industry pioneer, launching her first co-hosted podcast in 2008 to be the voice of inspiration and hope amongst the deluge of ‘doom and gloom’ after the GFC devastated families worldwide.

Over a decade on she is an Award-winning Podcast Host and Producer, her podcasts have been regularly featured in the top Business & Entrepreneur Podcasts globally, and have been syndicated across both national and international Radio Stations.

She is the Founder/CEO of Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network, the author of: Industry Thought Leader: How To Go from Invisible to Influential (and Profitable) with a Podcast, and Host/Producer of various top-rating podcasts for her Podcast Network, Alliance Partners and her clients – who are all leading Authorities in their respective industries.

How to Start Your Podcast Mini-Training

Annemarie Cross has produced daily, weekly, bi-monthly and monthly podcasts, since 2008 and is giving you access to her Podcast Production Workflow Checklist, which she will walk you through – step-by-step in this mini-training.

She’s also created a training on Naming Your Podcast: The Do’s and Don’ts (Pros & Cons) so that your podcast stands out from the crowd, ATTRACTS and COMPELS your ideal customer to select and listen to YOUR podcast.

Access Start Your Podcast Mini-training and learn:

  • WHERE to start when it comes to getting your Thought Leader Podcast planned, produced and published and out into the world {HINT: It’s NOT technology];
  • The MISSING step that many service-businesses neglect which is why they struggle to monetize their podcast – even after producing hundreds of episodes;
  • The Podcast Profit FORMULA, the Podcast Profit FRAMEWORK, and the Podcast Profit PIPELINE (Funnel) – explained;
  • The TACTIC Annemarie uses and teaches all of her clients so they can begin to nurture listeners into leads and ultimately paying customers from their very first podcast episode;
  • The Checklist: From Idea to Promotion including the Task, the Steps and the Tools/Technologies she uses for her own podcasts on her Podcast Network, her Alliance Partners and what she teaches (and uses with) all of her clients  – explained, step-by-step;
  • What NOT to do and WHAT TO DO when it comes to Naming your Podcast so you can be found and stand out from the hundreds of thousands of podcasts. Find out how to attract and compel your ideal customer to select and listen to YOUR podcast.
  • PLUS: Get access to the Podcast Profit Self-Audit Checklist to ensure you have the RIGHT foundation and all 7 Pillars in place BEFORE you launch, so you can Stand Out, Be Heard and INFLUENCE your audience, while continue to build your list, while generate leads and enquiries from your very first podcast episode.  

How to Start Your Podcast: From Idea to Publish & Promotion – Step-by-Step Mini-Training