90-Day ‘Idea to Launch’

Thought Leader Podcast Series

Is your goal to build your visibility and reach, while position yourself as an Authority in your field? However, you’re not sure whether you’re ready to do an ongoing podcast?

Plus, you not only want to work with Annemarie’s guidance and support, however also have hear help you plan, produce, and launch your very own Thought Leader Series that’ll enable you to position yourself as an Authority in your field, while continue to build know, like and trust as you nurture your ideal client from listener to lead and ultimately paying customer?

Our Thought Leader Podcast Series is a 
Perfect option for you

What’s  Included?

As a VIP client your package includes:

  • A deep-dive into your dreams, vision and goals leveraging our Signature Information Gathering Process;
  • A 1.5-hour VIP Session with Annemarie to clarify key components of your Podcast Series, including your Thought Leader Brand, Message, Lucrative Niche and Podcast strategy;
  • Your customised Podcast Profit Pipeline in order to leverage your Podcast Series as part of your Irresistible Signature Giveaway (your Digital Asset);
  • Pinpointing keywords and key phrases that your ideal clients are looking for, so you can stand out and be found by your ideal client when they’re searching for the topics that align with your expertise and Thought Leadership;
  • Strategising, recording, production, publishing and promotion of your Thought Leader Podcast Series
    • Creation of quote graphics, show transcripts and other creative elements for maximum exposure during and after your launch (and much more);
  • Creation of your follow up emails and additional touch points for your relationship building and nurturing sequence;
  • Devising a step-by-step launch plan for maximum impact and exposure and ongoing positioning of your Thought Leadership.

“I produced my first podcast show in 2010. It was such early days that I had to teach people how to download the episodes!
I subsequently produced 5 podcast shows and interviewed hundreds of CEO’s globally.

Upon launching The Room Xchange in 2017, we were preparing for our first capital raise and had to prepare the company to be investor ready.

Media was an integral part of that process.

As the CEO and Founder I need to be careful with how I use my time. It was then that I engaged Annemarie Cross to assist me with producing and launching The Room Xchange podcast series and my ongoing podcast.

I knew first hand the amount of work that goes into not only interviewing, but creating the show’s audio and visual brand.
There’s a lot of work that goes into that and it was time I didn’t have. Having Annemarie take care of the technical side, allowed me to concentrate solely on interviewing.

We only produced a handful of episodes in the initial podcast series but it made an impact and we raised over $500k in capital.

Now as I embark on our second capital raise, we are producing a fresh, new show and repeating the same process again with Annemarie and her team taking care of all things technical.

To me it’s just as important to have a podcast producer as it is to have a website developer, graphic designer or content writer. Why do all the work, when you can outsource it to an expert?”

Ludwina Dautovic – CEO and Founder, The Room Xchange

Note: As my Podcast Production team – Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network and I get behind each and every one of our clients – one hundred percent, we need to ensure our core values align.

Before taking on new clients we need to ensure we’re a good fit, so go ahead and book a time to chat.