90-Day ‘Idea to Launch’

Industry Thought Leader Podcast Platform

Do you feel like the world’s  best-kept secret?

You have a wealth and depth of experience and knowledge that has been developed, nurtured and honed to a level of excellence and skill that can only be achieved through years of hard work.

However, what’s frustrating is that people with a fraction of your knowledge and experience are being booked for speaking gigs and opportunities and are enrolling high-paying clients – which is what you’ve been working so hard for, yet have been unable to achieve?

You’re also unclear about one (or more) of these things:  


How to define your Thought Leader message and that you know is required to take you and your business to the next level; 


You’re unsure how to build a strong Thought Leader brand so you can distinguish yourself in the marketplace; 


You’re unclear how to build the necessary momentum you need to build your visibility and reach to the level you know is required to position yoursef as an Authority in your industry and you want a clear, strategic process you can follow.

However this is what you ARE clear about:  

You want to make a REAL difference in the world;
You want to share her message in a bigger way;
You are ambitious and driven;
You want the freedom to be able to make your own decisions and follow your own dreams (rather than someone else’s);
You want to create an income that supports your family and the lifestyle you’ve worked so very hard to achieve.
You know it’s time for you to step into the limelight and showcase your knowledge and expertise.
You’ve earned it. You deserve it. And, you’re ready!

The Exclusive Package

This Exclusive Package is the perfect choice and involves the production of your Thought Leader Podcast Series as well as the production, publishing and promotion of your ongoing show.

It’s time to showcase your expertise, position yourself as an Authority in your field – an Industry Thought Leader, while set up a streamlined process that will enable you to nurture listeners to leads and ultimately paying customers.

What’s  Included? 

Here’s just a few of elements included in this package to support you in becoming a recognised Authority with your own Thought Leader Podcast Platform:

  • Private 4-hour VIP Day to:
    • Define your Thought Leader Brand, Message and Lucrative Niche;
    • Map out a list of Thought Leader Topics and Themes along with potential Guests;
    • Strategise (and create) on-brand Podcast Creatives including Podcast Artwork, Bio and Show Blurb for publication on Apple Podcast, Google Play, and Spotify
    • Write your Thought Leader Positioning Intro and Compelling Outro;
  • Map out your customised Podcast Profit Pipeline;
  • Finalise your Thought Leader Creative Brand Elements for your Podcast;
  • Determine keywords and phrases for SEO maximisation so you can be found by your ideal client;
  • Strategise, record, produce, publish and promote your Thought Leader Podcast Series
    • Creation of quote graphics, show transcripts and other creative elements for maximum exposure during and after your launch;
  • Create follow up emails and additional touch points for your relationship building and nurturing sequence;
  • Devise a step-by-step launch plan for maximum impact and exposure;
  • Ongoing production of your podcast along with back-end support – we do ALL of the technical work leaving you free to focus on what you do best.

Note: As my Podcast Production team – Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network and I get behind each and every one of our clients – one hundred percent, we need to ensure our core values align.

Before taking on new clients we need to ensure we’re a good fit, so go ahead and book a time to chat.