Interviewing with purpose

Mini Training

Video Training #1 – Mindset – The Key to Success

In Video 1 of this mini-training I’ll be covering Mindset, which is the key to a successful interview. Neglect this step and you could stumble throughout your entire interview even if you have a great guest.

Click here to download the accompanying Workbook | Click here to download the BONUS Conversation Starter Cheatsheet

Video Training #2 – What Interviewer Style are you?

In Video 2 I’ll be asking the question – what Interviewer style are you?

People come for the content of your show, however they return for the host. 

Understand some of the unique characteristics and approach you bring to your interviews so you can create an environment and experience your ideal client and audience member appreciates and values – so they’ll come back.

Video Training #3 – How to handle three most common difficult guests

In Video 3 I’ll cover three of the most difficult of guests, which many podcast hosts struggle with, including:

> The Guest who won’t stop talking;

> The Guest who answers with two syllables;

> The Guest who is overwhelming with jargon and terminologies you know is going to confuse people.