Low Cost & No Cost Tools

Below is a list of low cost and no-cost tools to get you started on your journey to producing your Thought Leader Podcast. Because there are new tools and technologies being added constantly, I’ve created this webpage, which I’ll update from time to time.

The list below will by no means include every single tool that is available, but rather the tools and technologies I’ve either used myself or have seen being used effectively. Unless I’ve experienced a tool myself, I can’t provide honest feedback. Nor can I comment on how a tool and/or technology can be leveraged in order to build influence, impact and income with your podcast.

My goal is for you to get your Thought Leadership content published as efficiently and effectively as possible in the right way and in the right order so that it begins working for you from your very first episode, without you becoming overwhelmed with all of the bright new shiny objects being added to the market.

Stage 1 & 2:
 Purpose & Plan

Stage 3:

  • Zoom [to record]
  • Audacity [to edit, mix]
  • iTunes [id3 tagging]
  • Note: Previously I used Skype and Call Recorder for Skype (from Ecamm)

Stage 4:

Stage 5:

  • Canva [to create images]
  • Hootsuite [social media management platform to schedule posts]
  • Smarter Queue [social media management platform – we currently use this]
  • Headliner [turn audio into video to share across various social media platforms]

Stage 6:

    • Your Podcast Profit Pipeline
      • Brand Communications Wheel
      • Your Thought Leader Podcast Series
      • Follow-Up Email Nurturing SequenceWant more information on how Annemarie and her team can help you set up your Thought Leader Podcast Series? Schedule a call with Annemarie here
    • Core Business Foundations:
      • Your Lucrative Niche
      • Your Signature Brand & Thought Leader Message
      • Your Signature System
      • Your Signature Programs
      • Your Digital Asset (Your Signature System Success Quiz)

    Don’t have your Core Business Foundations in place? Annemarie’s Core Business Foundations Course is available here

Industry Thought Leader Interviews

These interviews are part of my Industry Thought Leader Podcast Series on my podcast: Ambitious Entrepreneur Show where I’m speaking to people to find out how they have leveraged their podcast along with their book in order to build their Thought Leadership.

Today I’m speaking with Rosie Shilo. 

Rosie runs an online community for Australian Virtual Assistants with the intent to help build up and strengthen the wonderful VA community and to educate business owners about outsourcing for better leverage.

On today’s show Rosie is going to share:

  • How even if you have a very targeted market you can still benefit from having a podcast
  • How you can get your podcast off the ground with strategic outsourcing
  • How you can turn your book into a podcast, easily!

Click here to go to the original interview


Today I’m speaking with Tyler Wagner.

Tyler is the founder at Author’s Unite and host of The Business Blast Podcast.

On today’s show Tyler is going to share:

  • How to become a successful author
  • How to grow your business with a podcast
  • How to turn what you love into a profitable business

Click here to go to the original interview

Want More Support?

Check out Annemarie’s Podcasting With Purpose step-by-step podcasting course.