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For the Change Maker who wants to go from Invisible to Influential while have more time and freedom in their business, and who values a team of experts to support them – every step of the way.

Are you on a mission to make a difference and become an influential voice in your industry but you don’t want to manage any of the post-production, the publishing, OR the promotion of your podcast?

PLUS you want to leverage our customized 3-Part Podcast Series (which we create with you as part of this program) which will become a core digital asset for you as you continue to leverage this series as part of your Media/Speaking, List Building and Lead Generation Strategy?

Then, THIS option is for you.

You record the podcast.

We do the rest in partnership with our Podcast Production and Promotion Platform – The Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network.

In fact our Done-With-You: Podcast Profit Platform package is where you have your very own podcast platform on our Podcast Network to elevate your message globally as well as your very own 3-Part Podcast Series, which is leveraged as part of your list building and lead generation strategy, so you can go from invisible to influential in your industry!

You’re also able to post all of the content on your own website as well, giving you double the exposure and third-party links from our website back to yours.

We’ll teach you how to create a stellar podcast interview, so you’re able to record the audio, however WE do EVERYTHING else for you – editing, publishing AND promotion.

– NO need for you to worry about Technology.
– NO need for you to worry about ongoing promotion.
– NO need to feel isolated and unsure what you’re doing.


I’ll hold your hand, every single step of the way AND you’ll get to hang out with me personally (both online and in-person) along with an awesome community of Innovators and Change Makers with all of you making an impact with your message WHILE you continue to build your businesses.

This package includes everything you need to go from Invisible to Influential and profitable, including:

For starters:

  • Your Customised Podcast Profit Pipeline, where we will map out exactly HOW you will engage, entice and enrol high level clients;
  • Your own 3-part Podcast Series (where I will interview YOU), so you can use this series as your Irresistible Signature Giveaway to build exposure, your email list and your leads, and ultimately customers.
  • Support team who will do all of the post-production for your podcasts, so you can continue to publish two standout podcast episodes each and every month. In fact, all you need to do is record the raw audio and we do everything else.


  • Ongoing training across business, visibility, mindset and everything you need to become an influential voice in your industry.
  • Monthly Q&A Calls where we answer your business-related questions.
  • Private Facebook Group for you to support and collaborate with other Change Makers.

Because our Podcast Network (and myself as the Host/Interviewer) will be representing your brand and promoting you across our extensive and rapidly expanding network there will be a short interview process to see whether this is a good fit for you and that you align with our core values.

To see if you are ready and a good fit for one of our Podcast Profit Platforms – let’s chat. Click on the Book Now button below to secure your ‘Get To Know You’ appointment.

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