One of Australia’s leading Podcasters & Influencers – Annemarie Cross (aka The Podcasting Queen) is hosting:

Industry Thought Leader: From Invisible to Influential (and Profitable) with a Podcast Workshop for Coaches & Consultants

Feel like the world’s  best-kept secret?

You’re ambitious. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are now. Your experience is second to none.

And, the clients you’ve worked with are generating great results because of the value you offer.

Yet, secretly you’re frustrated.

Because, while you’ve been following everyone’s advice; sharing content across social media platforms and posting as often as you can, and attending networking events, none of it has generated the visibility or number of new clients you had hoped for.

You are nowhere near where you want to be, or think you should be.

And, you don’t know why.

However, the thought of ramping up what you’re already doing to generate more exposure, leads and ultimately higher paying customers is overwhelming because you’re busy enough as it is.

If you can relate, you are in the right place!

Because helping people just like YOU – Change Makers and aspiring Industry Thought Leaders, build their credibility as an authority and an influential voice in their industry (without exhausting yourself in the process) is Annemarie’s speciality.

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn how you can increase your influence, impact AND income with your own Thought Leader Podcast.

Success   Stories 

Annemarie walks the talk ...

had been considering podcasting for my business and was looking for a refresher on the mechanics of starting a podcast.

After coming to Annemarie’s Podcasting Workshop one of the ‘ahas’ I had was recognising that with the right strategy in place, how a podcast can play an important part in your marketing mix and branding awareness.

With the information shared I’ll now be able to improve the quality of the output of my podcast from the outset.The Podcasting Workshop provides a wonderful overview of podcasting as well as valuable insight into what works when you want to position yourself as an Authority in your field.

Annemarie walks the talk, delivers value and provides an authentic perspective on what’s required to produce a successful podcast.

David Clark

The Podcasting Workshop is absolutely insightful

Prior to coming to the workshop I was struggling with coming up with the right strategy and technical requirements for my podcast so that I could position my wealth of knowledge and experience as an authority in my field of consulting in how to deliver customer experiences that achieve brand loyalty.

The Podcast Profit Formula was great – in fact all of the Podcast Profit Models you shared were great.

The information you shared will help me create a clear strategy when it comes to my podcast, along with a deeper understanding of the importance of Engaging, Educating and Enticing my audience to take the next step.

The Podcasting Workshop is absolutely insightful – no matter which level you’re at in your podcasting journey.  Thank you Annemarie so much for sharing your insights and knowledge.

Aileen Day

I highly recommend Annemarie’s Podcasting Workshop

I have started a podcast however still continue to struggle with structuring and systematising the show, so I can leverage my decades of experience and position myself as an authority in my field, while generate leads and enquiries into my business.

I’ve learned the importance of being far more specific in how I approach the topics on my podcast and can see just how important it is to have a clear strategy and the right steps in place, so you can begin to nurture prospective clients into paying customers.

I highly recommend Annemarie’s Podcasting Workshop and her Podcasting with Purpose Course. Thank you Annemarie – great work as always.

Faye Waterman

A 'must read' book

Annemarie Cross has written a cracker of a resource in “Industry Thought Leader”.

As a proponent of Authority Marketing I am regularly speaking at business conferences on the value of content and sharing how podcasting is one of the most sought-after content mediums you can create.

“Industry Thought Leader” covers this concept in exceptional detail. I love how Annemarie has exposed some of the common misconceptions around podcasting and laid out a clear step by step guide to not only getting started in podcasting, but how to manage the mindset challenges that are very real in the journey that is ahead to becoming highly influential.

As one of Australia’s leading podcasters and influencers Annemarie walks the talk that is laid out in this must read book.

Adam Houlahan |  International Keynote Speaker | Amazon Best-Selling Author

Annemarie has created a platform that launches dreams

In a world of so-called leaders touting authenticity there are very few people who actually speak, act and educate from a place of true heart centred motivation.

Annemarie is that person.

Annemarie has created a podcasting platform that launches dreams, visions and positive change.

I applaud her.

As an international speaker and edu-tainer I am constantly coming across unfulfilled genius. Participating in Annemarie’s Ambitious Entrepreneur Show was a pleasure and filled my heart knowing that unfulfilled genius’ are being brought forward to shine their light.

Justin Cunningham, International Speaker/Edu-tainer & Business Resultant

Annemarie Cross is a true genius

Annemarie Cross is a true genius at asking the best questions to elicit your story in a way that will influence and inspire others.

She has a true gift to help launch you as a Thought Leader. I love her realness and drive with helping others soar.

Mary Jensen, CEO, M Power Services | Human Behaviour Specialist | Mindset Master

...a leading authority in helping entrepreneurs use podcasting

In an increasingly noisy world, your personal brand and unique thought leadership is an extremely effective way to reach people with your message, and create a sustainable business.

Podcasting can be a brilliant platform for sharing your message, and in Industry Thought Leader, Annemarie helps you identify how to do this effectively.

I not only follow Annemarie’s work, but I’ve also interviewed her on my podcast, and she absolutely walks her talk.

She’s a leading authority in helping entrepreneurs use the vehicle of podcasting to position their authority, and this book clearly shows you the exact steps you need to take your podcast to build influence AND create profits with your podcast.

Samantha Riley, Creator of the Thought Leaders Business Lab Podcast

Who is  Annemarie Cross?

Dubbed “The Podcasting Queen,” Annemarie is recognized as an industry pioneer, launching her first co-hosted podcast in 2008 to be the voice of inspiration and hope amongst the deluge of ‘doom and gloom’ after the GFC devastated families worldwide.

Over a decade on, she’s the author of: Industry Thought Leader: How To Go from Invisible to Influential (and Profitable) with a Podcast and continues to be the voice of inspiration to a global audience through her award-winning podcasts.

Annemarie continues to live out her mission of ‘Changing the World – ONE Message at a Time’, with her own podcasts, as well as by supporting Professional Services Businesses (coaches and consultants) who are experts in their field (yet feel like they’re the world’s best kept secret) go from Invisible to Influential (and Profitable) with their own Thought Leader Podcast.

Industry Thought Leader: From Invisible to Influential (and Profitable) with a Podcast Workshop

Join Annemarie on this 4-hour Workshop and learn:

  • WHERE TO START when it comes to getting your Thought Leader Podcast recorded, produced and published so you can generate the visibility and reach you need to build your business;
  • The Number ONE thing you should focus on BEFORE you record your podcast (which is NOT technology) as an aspiring Industry Thought Leader.
  • How to find and attract the RIGHT audience so you can to cut through the online clutter, and begin to build influence and impact immediately with your message.
  • Five ways to monetize your podcast so it can become profitable and begin to generate opportunities and ultimately customers from your very first episode.
  • The missing link and reason why so many businesses struggle to turn Influence and Impact into Income into leads and ultimately paying customers.
  • The Three Key Steps to Nurture Podcast Listeners into Leads.
  • The Tools, Technology and Digital Assets you’ll need to Produce, Publish and Promote your Thought Leader Podcast.

Idea to Launch 
Profitable Thought Leader Podcast Blueprint

You’ll walk away with your very own: ‘Idea to Launch’ Profitable Thought Leader Podcast Blueprint so you’ll know exactly what you have to focus on to get your Thought Leader Podcast, mapped out, produced AND launched, in the RIGHT ORDER and with the RIGHT FORMULA, FRAMEWORK and FUNNEL in place so you can begin to nurture listeners to leads from your very first episode!

In fact, Annemarie will be teaching you the exact steps and systems she used (and continues to use) to:

  • Become known as a Thought Leader in the Career Industry;
  • Have her podcast – Ambitious Entrepreneur Show being syndicated on ZiFM – a local radio station in Zimbabwe;
  • Have her podcast – Coaches Connection Podcast being featured within the International Magazine – ‘I Love Coaching’ for 12 Months
  • Win an award from World Media Awards for her show: Business Success Podcast
  • Win an award for Best Business, Marketing & Entrepreneur Podcast for Ambitious Entrepreneur Show, with Women In Leadership Podcast being a Finalist in that award category
  • Be sought regularly for media interviews including television, radio and print, with her podcasts regularly being listed in the Top Business Podcasts across the globe, including:
  • Be invited to speak on international summits alongside other multi 6-figure and 7-figure women in business;
  • Be one of only a handful of Experts/Influencers to be invited to become a Microsoft Surface Brand Ambassador/Influencer; while
  • Become known as a pioneer and Industry Thought Leader in the area of podcasting.

Hence, why she is now known as: The Podcasting Queen and now teaches other Change Makers and aspiring Thought Leaders to become Industry Thought Leaders in their fields with their own Thought Leader podcasts.

Plus you’ll get a copy of Annemarie’s  latest book:


Have you heard that podcasting is a great way to get your message out? Yes, it is! However, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get your podcast up and running – this book is not for you. There are plenty of free resources online to help you.

In fact, I’ve purposely NOT spent too much time focusing on technology. Because as an aspiring Industry Thought Leader, there are more important things you need to clarify FIRST, before you concern yourself with technology. These things are covered in detail in this book, which include:

> Six podcasting myths, which are irrelevant, untrue and misleading, and you should ignore as an aspiring Industry Thought Leader.
> Five ways to monetize your Thought Leader message with a podcast.
> How to define and position your Thought Leader message following the principles of the:
– Podcast Profit Framework;
– Podcast Profit Formula; and
– Podcast Profit Pipeline.
> The Winning Mindset of a Thought Leader.
> Low Cost and No Cost Tools to get you started.

This book IS for you, if you’re interested in building your reputation as an authority in your field, so you can begin to generate leads, enquiries, and paying clients from your very first episode. And, you’re willing to focus on what’s important when it comes to the content you produce by following a reputable step-by-step guide to show you how.

You’ll receive your own signed copy when you attend this workshop.

Industry Thought Leader: From Invisible to Influential (and Profitable) with a Podcast Workshop  for Coaches & Consultants

Upcoming Dates:

October 24th 2019 (In Person)
November 28th 2019 (In Person)
December 12th 2019 (In Person)

When: 9.00-1.00pm [AEST]

In Person Workshop Location: Waterman Business Centre, Level 1, Level 2 Victor Crescent, Narre Warren

Cost: US$67 (incl GST)