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  • WHERE TO START when it comes to getting your Thought Leader Podcast recorded, produced and published so you can generate the visibility and reach you need to build your business;
  • The Number ONE thing you should focus on BEFORE you record your podcast (which is NOT technology) as an aspiring Industry Thought Leader.
  • How to find and attract the RIGHT audience so you can to cut through the online clutter, and begin to build influence and impact immediately with your message.
  • Five ways to monetize your podcast so it can become profitable and begin to generate opportunities and ultimately customers from your very first episode.
  • The missing link and reason why so many businesses struggle to turn Influence and Impact into Income into leads and ultimately paying customers.
  • The Three Key Steps to Nurture Podcast Listeners into Leads.
  • The Tools, Technology and Digital Assets you’ll need to Produce, Publish and Promote your Thought Leader Podcast.

You’ll walk away with your very own: Idea to Launch Thought Leader Podcast Blueprint so you know exactly what you have to focus on, following the right sequence to get your Thought Leader Podcast, mapped out, produced AND launched!

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