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Podcasting is PERFECT for businesses who want to attract and maintain attention, while build a much deeper level of engagement and retention with their customers and key stakeholders

Are you:

  • Struggling to generate brand awareness in a cluttered and noisy marketplace?
  • Concerned competitors could poach existing customers so looking for a way to remain top-of-mind to bolster client retention?
  • Looking to build a much deeper level of engagement with customers and key stakeholders so your company is top of mind??

If you answered ‘Yes!’ you’re in the right place.

In fact, companies worldwide are also struggling, especially now that we are in a far more connected and competitive marketplace.

Listen in to this candid conversation with Annemarie Cross, CEO and Founder of Podcast Production Agency – The Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network & Podcasting Expert as she shares:

Listen now:

Prefer to watch? 

Here’s a presentation I shared with CEO’s of SME’s on how they could cut through the online noise, while build engagement with customers with a podcast:

The Corporate Podcast: How to Maintain Customer Attention, Engagement & Retention in a Noisy Disruptive Marketplace .

In a hurry? No problem!

Executive Report: How to Capture and Maintain Customer Attention, Engagement and Retention in a Noisy & Disruptive Marketplace with a Podcast:

  • Challenges faced by CEO’s Worldwide
  • What has caused these challenges?
  • The Entrepreneurial Customer – what motivates them?
  • How to address these challenges?
  • Podcasting: Statistics and Benefits;
  • The Seven Key Pillars of a Podcast that Maintains, Engages and Retains Customers.
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Who is Annemarie Cross?


Annemarie Cross is the CEO of Communicate Now Pty Ltd [trading as The Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network] – an Award-Winning Podcast Production Agency.

She is a leading expert in leveraging podcasting technologies into innovative marketing solutions that help SME’s (in Professional Services Industries) cut through the online noise and digital clutter, so they can stand out and become known as influential voices in their respective industries.

Two of her Podcasts including the Ambitious Entrepreneur Show and Women In Leadership were Finalists in the Business, Marketing & Entrepreneurship Category in the inaugural 2017 Australian CastAway Podcasts Awards, with the Ambitious Entrepreneur Show securing the top award.

Annemarie hosts and produces Podcasts for her clients including Business In Heels, SMART Connect Podcast, Speaker Success Podcast, Business Women Australia to name a few.

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