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Been podcasting a while yet not generating leads, enquiries or clients?

If you answered ‘Yes’, you’re not alone.

Many businesses struggle to monetize their podcast.

I know I certainly did when I launched my first co-hosted podcast in 2008.

We started the podcast to inspire hope and possibility for job seekers across the globe, following the global financial crisis.

There were tens of thousands of people who found themselves standing in unemployment queues, along with dozens of other discouraged and very anxious people. And, sadly that number was being added to on a daily basis.

We wanted to share our expertise to support them in re-entering the workplace, while also use our podcast to build our credibility, which in turn we hoped would generate leads and ultimately clients.

My co-host and I did everything right when it came to producing our podcast.

  • We shared awesome content our ideal customers (listeners) loved and therefore came back to listen to, week after week;
  • We built incredible relationships with our guests – other Career Experts and stakeholders in our industry from across the globe;
  • We continued to build engagement with our listeners and build our audience across various social media platforms.
  • We promoted our podcast any chance we got and continued to see a steady increase in downloads and listener numbers across the globe.

Yet, despite our efforts and the best of intentions we still struggled to monetize our podcast.

No new clients, no sponsors, no steady income what-so-ever, despite the hours (and hours) of work we put into creating each episode.

We even spent time with a mentor, who we hoped could guide us.

However, because podcasting was relatively new at that time, (and more often than not we would have to explain to people what a podcast actually was) no-one had any sound advice or strategies on how we could successfully monetize our podcast.

So, we struggled to generate any income over the two years we produced the show.

It was frustrating.

YES! Book my Podcast Audit & Strategy Session

Fast-forward to today, and thankfully ALOT has changed.

After 10 years of experience producing thousands of podcasts and podcast series, along with my two decades in personal branding and influential communications, I’ve been able to see the gaps in what my co-host and I were doing.

Or, should I say NOT doing.

Through trial and error, and finally identifying what DOES work, I’ve put my decade of experience and subsequent learnings into a framework and system, which works.

That framework is called my: Podcast Profit Framework and the system my Podcast Profit Pipeline, which no one in the industry is talking about, OR doing.

In fact, many people believe and teach that you need an audience BEFORE you start a podcast to be successful. You don’t.

Many people believe and teach you need an ongoing podcast in order to be successful. You don’t.

What IS important are the crucial steps and strategies that ARE required to be in place BEFORE you launch your podcast IF you want to monetize your podcast.

And, sadly it’s something many businesses don’t consider or have in place BEFORE they launch their podcast, which is why they continue to struggle to monetize their podcast.

They focus on ‘vanity’ metrics such as getting into ‘New & Noteworthy’ or number of downloads, which sadly DON’T guarantee you’ll generate money from your podcast.

I’d rather have 100 listeners, who are engaging, referring me, and becoming clients, than have 000’s of downloads with NO sales.

Podcast Profit Framework

By following the six steps in the Podcast Profit Framework and by mapping out your own the Podcast Profit Profit Pipeline, you’ll be able to create a podcast that:

  • Builds brand awareness;
  • Positions you as an authority in your industry; as well as
  • Generates leads, enquiries and nurture those enquiries into high-paying clients.

The Podcast Audit & Strategy Session will help you get clear on what you need to have in place to do exactly that.

YES! Book my Podcast Audit & Strategy Session

Our Podcast Audit and Strategy Session is perfect for you:

If you’re a business-owner with an exising podcast:

  • You’re struggling to monetize your podcast and you don’t know why?
  • You want to have a clear idea on what you are doing right, the gaps, and what you MUST have in place in order to start monetizing your podcast.
  • You want to have a clear step-by-step strategy and action plan to guide you so you know exactly what you have everything in place to start monetizing your podcast.

Or, if you’re a business who wants to start a podcast and:

  • You want to ensure you have everything in place so you can hit the ground running and begin to monetize your podcast from the very first episode.
  • You want your podcast to cut through the noise, engage with your ideal client and compel them to want to learn more from you.
  • You want a clear step-by-step strategy and action plan to guide you so you know you have everything in place to start monetizing your podcast from the get-go.

Our Podcast Audit and Strategy Session includes:

Step 1: Our Podcast Review Form:

Complete the Podcast Review form and return to Annemarie.

Step 2: Audit & Scorecard:

Annemarie will do a deep dive into the information you have provided as well as reviewing three podcast episodes that you are most proud of, as well as a review of your overall digital footprint.

From this information she will complete a customized Podcast Assessment Scorecard, which assesses:

  • Your Podcast Profit Pipeline (and potential to monetize your podcast)
  • Branding & Message
  • Your Ideal Client (i.e. audience)
  • Your Ideal Guest
  • Structure & Formatting of Your Podcsat
  • Streamlined Systems & Processes
  • Setting the Stage: Powerful Interviewing Techniques
  • Recording, Mixing & Editing Process & Podcast/Media Sites
  • Momentum Building Marketing

Step 3: Feedback & Strategy Session  

Be prepared to be blown away during this one-hour feedback and strategy session, where Annemarie will answer your questions while provide advice on what you need to focus on in order to begin monetizing your podcast.

Note: Because Annemarie typically can jam 3 hours worth of strategy, tips and tactics into a hour session, she is happy for you to record it so you can go back and listen to it again and again, as you implement the planned actions.

YES! Book my Podcast Audit & Strategy Session


After you place your order we’ll send you our Podcast Review Form. Complete and return this to us. Annemarie will review and do a deep dive into all of the information, and once she has completed her audit, we’ll be in touch to book your 1-hour Feedback/Strategy Session.

Once you return the Podcast Review Form her goal is to review and have your 1-hour Feedback/Strategy Session booked within 14-21 days, depending on her schedule.

  • Completion of the Podcast Review Form
  • A deep dive review into the information provided and creation of your customized Podcast Assessment Scorecard, analyzing three of your BEST podcast episodes, your online presence/digital assets, your Calls to Action, and your current Customer Buying Journey pipeline.
  • A 1-hour Feedback/Strategy Session [via Zoom, which can be recorded if you wish] to discuss findings and required action plan to identify what you need to get into place in order to begin monetizing your podcast.


We can review the branding elements of your podcast, the message, call to action, as well as map out your Podcast Profit Pipeline so you have a clear action plan to keep you focused on the crucial steps needed to monetize your podcast, when you finally do launch your podcast.

Yes! While Annemarie likes to have three shows to review – she’s able to provide constructive feedback, along with a clear strategy on what will work (and what needs to be altered/tweaked), by reviewing just one podcast episode alongside your desired outcome of your overall podcast strategy.

In fact, Annemarie could tell one podcaster would struggle to be monetize their podcast from the first FIVE words the host spoke on their podcast. While the production quality, the music, and the host’s voice was stellar, she could tell that the ideal client, subsequent topics, and overall desired outcome of the host was unclear, and would therefore be impossible to monetize.

Book your Podcast Audit and Strategy Session


YES! Book my Podcast Audit & Strategy Session