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THE Community for Change Makers and aspiring Thought Leaders who want to build impact, influence AND income with their message

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Does this sound like you?

  • You’re open for business and while you’ve worked with some clients, generating a steady stream of new clients is much harder than you thought;
  • You love working with clients, however it’s the marketing and sales you have to do to get new clients, that’s confusing and hard;
  • While you love working for yourself, you feel isolated and long to be part of an empowered community of liked-minded people where you feel valued and supported.
  • You’re driven and you’ve worked hard to get to where you are now.
  • Your qualifications and experience is second to none – as is the value you offer clients, however you still feel like the world’s best secret.
  • The thought of ramping up what you’re already doing to generate more exposure, leads and ultimately paying customers is overwhelming because you’re busy enough as it is.

    If you can relate, you are in the RIGHT place.

Because helping people just like YOU – Change Makers and aspiring Thought Leaders, build their credibility as an authority and an influential voice in their industry is MY speciality.

I’ll help you go from Invisible to Influential.

The Money, Marketing & Mindset Mastermind was created just for you!

I know the frustration and isolation that you, and so many other professional service-based businesses are feeling and have created this Mastermind JUST FOR YOU.

You’ll learn how to position your Thought Leadership to become known as the go-to person in your industry, grow a thriving business WHILE be part of a connected and collaborative global community that cares about YOU and the success of your business.

That’s my promise to you, when you become part of the Mastermind.

Money, Marketing & Mindset Mastermind 

The Mastermind is an ongoing membership program, so Change Makers and aspiring Thought Leaders can join the community any time throughout the year and benefit from the entire trainings that are locked in our Client-only Vault.

You’ll get access to topics that include the Core Business Foundations as well as other skills that all businesses must have mastered (such as sales, speaking from stage, charging what you’re worth etc) in order to become an Industry Thought Leader, while build a thriving business.

My goal for you is that even thought you continue to grow your business, you remain part of our community because of the connections, collaborations and even clients you are generating through your membership.

Here’s what the Mastermind’s Core Foundation Program includes:

Week 1: Masterclass Training

Struggling with your branding, marketing, sales, and [you fill in the gap]?

Each month I’ll bring a new topic  to help you build the right foundations to ensure you have best-practice systems and strategies in place to grow a thriving business.

Here’s an outline of the topics we’ll be covering in 2019:

  • Clarifying Your Vision, Mission & 12-Month Strategic Plan for Change Makers & aspiring Thought Leaders
  • A 12-Month Marketing Calendar that’ll Cut Through the Noise for Change Makers & aspiring Thought Leaders
  • Transform Your Money Mindset (Discover Your Money Archetypes) for Change Makers & aspiring Thought Leaders
  • Your Networking Plan that Turns Connections into Conversations (Online & Offline) for Change Makers & aspiring Thought Leaders
  • Crucial Conversations Change Makers & aspiring Thought Leaders MUST have in their Business (that leads to enquiries and sales)
  • Powerful Enrolment/Sales Conversations for Change Makers & aspiring Thought Leaders
  • Create Your Thought Leader List Building and Nurturing Funnel
  • Social Media on Steroids for Change Makers & aspiring Thought Leaders
  • Writing Rich Content that Clients (and Google) LOVE for Change Makers & aspiring Thought Leaders
  • Speaking to Grow Your Business for Change Makers & aspiring Thought Leaders
  • Build Visibility (and your client list) with Podcast Interviews (and/or your own Podcast)
  • Year Wrap up and Setting the Stage to Maintain & Leverage the Momentum You’ve Been Building for Change Makers and aspiring Thought Leaders

Week 3: Member(s) of the Month Live Individual and/or Group Mastermind

Not sure why your business isn’t growing, despite the hard work you’ve been doing?

Every month, I will select a one member, or a group of members who will bring one challenge they are struggling with. We’ll do a masterminding/brainstorming session with either the individual, or the group, to identify key steps and strategies they need to make to breakthrough this challenge.

NOTE: This Live Mastermind will be invaluable even if you are not the member of the month, or because you can learn from each of the strategies we share.

Week 2: Live Masterclass Q&A Call

Need more support around the topic we’ve just covered?

Each month I provide an invaluable opportunity for you to deepen your learning of the Masterclass topic I shared that month where you’ll receive one-on-one breakthrough coaching from me live on the Live Monthly Masterclass Q&A Calls.

Week 4: Get into Rapid Action Day

Training, brainstorming strategies and tactics are wonderful, however won’t work unless you get into action and implement them.

Each week this last week in the month is where get into rapid action and get stuff done!

I needed clarity around my Signature Program and offerings.

The information Annemarie shared was clear, interesting and inspiring and I’m excited about having far more clarity on how to build a Signature Program that’ll make an impact in my clients lives, while enable me to grow my business.

 Another one of my ‘aha’s’ was when I took the Branding with Archetypes assessment and discovered I was an Alchemist, Ruler and Hero.

Because I now have a greater understanding and clarity around WHO I am (through the lens of the Archetypes), will enable me to use this across all of my branding and communications.

The content Annemarie shares is valuable and inspiring and will help you get more visibility, showcase your expertise, while get your message out in a much more powerful way.

I found Annemarie to be an inspirational teacher, who really wants people succeed! Thank you so much Annemarie for all you have shared!

Anne Berit Olsvik | Business Success Coach, Personal Branding Expert and Insights Discovery Practitioner


BONUS 1: Virtual Online Summit for Change Makers and aspring Thought Leaders

Once a year, Annemarie will hand-pick a core group of Change Makers and aspiring Thought Leaders to share their expertise on a Virtual Online Summit that Annemarie and her team will host.

Showcase your expertise to a global audience as you continue to build your Thought Leadership.

BONUS 2: Behind-the-Scenes Power Lesson

Would you love to be a fly-on-the-wall and take a sneak peak at I’m we’re running my businesses?

If there’s a system or process you’d like to find out, I’ll strip back the curtains and take you behind the scenes (on one of my businesses or even what we’re doing here in the Mastermind) to reveal a process, system, tool, or approach that’s working well, so you can adopt the same systems and strategies to move your business forward.

BONUS 3: Overcoming Disappointments Masterclass 

Overcoming Business Disappointments: How Unachieved Goals and Setbacks Can Keep You Stuck & What To Do About It

Have you experienced disappointment (or dare I say it ‘failure’) in your business?

We ALL have.

However, what’s important is HOW you let that DEFINE you.

In this Masterclass, Annemarie will teach you:

  • Why unachieved goals and setbacks (whether big or small) can keep you stuck feeling sceptical, vulnerable and anxious and unable to jump into action, AND what to do about it.
  • Practical tips and exercises to clear the “mental” clutter, criticism and blocks that making it hard for you to move forward.
  • The ONE most important step you must take after experiencing failure and/or disappointment to stop yourself from getting stuck in a financial/business drama cycle.

If you’ve experienced any form of setback in your life or business and you sense this failure is impacting your results in your business growth, your savings, (or getting out from under increasing debt), and you just can’t seem to generate the results you want despite how hard you work, then this call is for you.


Be part of the Community where you can support and be supported by a group of like-minded Change Makers and aspiring Thought Leaders as you plan and take massive action towards your Vision and Mission and make a much bigger impact in the world!

Business Foundations Challenge


Are you on a mission to make a much bigger impact in the world?

Before you invest any more time and money into various visibility tactics (such as podcasting, writing a book, Facebook advs, etc) you MUST have these core business foundations in place FIRST, especially if you want to impact your income AND business growth.

Sadly, many business owners don’t, which is why they struggle to build momentum

Core Business Foundations that include:

  • Training 1: Your Lucrative Niche: define your ideal client;
  • Training 2: Your Signature Brand: stand out from the crowd;
  • Training 3: Your Signature System: your unique, proven, profitable process that has clients knocking down your door to work with you;
  • Training 4: Your Signature Programs: three compelling streams of income to monetise your message;
  • Training 5: Your Digital Assets (Irresistible Signature Giveaway): to build your list and your leads with ideal, high paying clients.

PLUS – BONUS Access to her Branding With Archetypes Assessment and Branding with Archetypes eCards (which will help you define the Heart and Soul of your Brand).

Thanks so much for your guidance during the ‘Core Business Foundations’ Challenge.

I joined the Challenge to get some clarity around my core business’s message and begin developing a strategy to market it.

Annemarie was a fabulous teacher and mentor throughout the process, offering lots of personal support and feedback along the way.

I loved learning more about how my own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses can be reflected in my brand, and discovering the most powerful words to sprinkle throughout my messaging to attract the right people to my business.

My greatest ‘aha’ was discovering my Signature System. I hadn’t realised that I do tend to work through various components in my client work and can package this up as a system to be offered at various levels.

I’m excited to continue developing this Signature System in my business, and to create a variety of service-based products that will make a huge impact in the lives of my clients, and ones they will really want to invest in!

The Core Business Foundations course got me thinking laterally about my business and helped me gain heaps of insight into my business. I will keep referring back to its workshops and lessons that I found super-useful and look forward to working more with Annemarie in the future!

Kym Siddons | MPhty (Sports) BPhty (Hons) MAPA, APA Sports & Exercise Physiotherapist, Certified Occupational Health Physio and Ergonomist

Meet the Founder of Money, Marketing & Mindset Mastermind

Annemarie Cross is known as ‘The Podcasting Queen.’

However, prior to work in the podcasting space, Annemarie’s background has been in the area of personal branding, marketing and communications, initially in the career industry, working with Executives and Professionals, and later within the business world, supporting coaches and consultants.

In fact, it is the practices and processes that Annemarie teaches in this Mastermind and her other programs that enabled her to become known as a Thought Leader across both those industries.

Having won multiple awards, being a sought-after speaker and educator, Author of: Ace That Interview – Cutting-Edge Interview Techniques EXPOSED!, and contributing author of numerous of Career titles, as well as sitting on an International Board of Resume Writing Certification Experts and a Judging Panel for the world’s highest echelon in Resume Writing Awards – the TORI awards (of which she has won several herself over the years).

While Annemarie loves to educate and empower her clients – she is not just an educator, but is a practitioner through and through. She practices what she preaches – even today in her business and wouldn’t expect her clients to do anything she hasn’t learned and/or implemented herself.

Because she knows what she teaches – works!

Prior to her work in helping Change Makers and aspiring Thought Leaders take their message to the world with their own podcast and/or podcast series, Annemarie supported coaches and consultants establish and grow their coaching and consulting practices.

By working with Annemarie and implementing the Money, Marketing and Mindset principles she teaches – clients have doubled and even tripled their results, been paid to speak nationally, won awards – just to name a few of the successes.

The principles, practices and processes that Annemarie continues to teach in the Money, Marketing and Mindset Mastermind enabled them to accelerate their success to being seen, known and recognised as Industry Thought Leaders.



Your membership gives you full access to the Mastermind Core Business Foundations trainings, as well as the monthly Masterclasses, resources, templates, worksheets, bonuses and access to the Private Members-only Facebook Group. No matter what month you join, you get access to ALL of the previous trainings and resources.