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Become an Influential Podcast Interviewer

This training is for you if want to:

  • Enhance your podcast interviewing skills to build rapport and communicate effectively with even the most difficult of guests,
  • Learn how to create compelling Show Titles, Show Introductions and Calls to Action that captures your listener’s attention throughout your entire podcast,
  • Conduct podcast interviews that deliver outstanding value to your growing audience of ‘raving fans’

Complete Interviewing With Purpose Training Course

$297AUD Single Pay
  • Feature Module 1: Preparing You
  • Module 2: Preparing Your Guest
  • Module 3: Setting The Stage
  • Module 4: Powerful Interviewing Techniques
  • BONUS: Taking Care Of Your Voice
  • BONUS: Regular Advanced Training Webinars

You Interviewing With Purpose comes complete with 100% 30 day money back guarantee…no questions asked.

Podcasting Money Back Guarantee

If you require complete “HOW TO” Podcast training then Podcasting With Purpose is for you!

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Get access to the Ultimate Podcast Interview Training.

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