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Looking to launch a podcast to help build visibility and awareness of you and your service-based business?

(However, you’re not sure where to start, the steps, and in which order to launch successfully?)

And, now with what’s going on in the world – you’ve had to completely shift your approach to marketing your business and you’re wondering if launching your own podcast can help you get known and found by your ideal client, more effectively?

If you can relate – you are in the right place.

And, the good news is that YES, a podcast WILL build your visibility…

The BEST news is that if you have the right strategies in place your podcast can also help you:


Build your REACH – to get in front of your ideal customers;


Build your REPUTATION as a sought-after Authority in your field; and


Build your REVENUE as you begin to nurture listeners into leads, enquiries and customers from your very FIRST episode…

What are the strategies (for service-based businesses), I’m referring to?
Find out exactly what they are in my upcoming free online event:

 Profitable Podcasting Online Intensive

Here’s what I will be sharing in this  jam-packed event


Workshop 1: Common Podcasting Mistruths & Mistakes: Why You’ll Struggle to Stand Out, Become a Known Authority in Your Industry & Monetise Your Podcast (as a Service-Based business owner) if you make these (typical) podcasting mistakes and what you should do instead


Workshop 2: THREE Podcast Profit Models: The Formula, The Framework, and The Pipeline (Funnel) that’ll enable you to build your Reach, your Reputation AND your Revenue (a MUST for Service-Based business owners who want to become known as Industry Thought Leaders);


Workshop 3: How to Nurture Listeners into Leads (enquiries and ultimately paying customers) from your very first episode: Discover your Pipeline to (sustainable and scalable) Profit – even if you’re just starting out your service-based business

What other people are saying about the  Intensive

OMG, you’re so good at what you do!

Wow, you don’t disappoint do you. I got so much out of today!

You’ve just blown me away – I’ve had more AHA’s than you have room for. Your workbook has become my Bible for planning.

In fact, I’ve gotten more value in what you have shared during your free event than the thousands of dollars I paid a so-called podcasting expert.

As you would say: “Podcasting with a Purpose.” I’m getting it! Thank you!

Angela Sutcliffe

Who is Annemarie Cross?

Dubbed “The Podcasting Queen,” Annemarie is recognized as an industry pioneer, launching her first co-hosted podcast in 2008.

Over a decade on, she continues to be the voice of inspiration in her own award-winning podcasts and the Thought Leader podcasts, which she produces for her clients through her podcast production company – the Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network.

Here are just a few of Annemarie’s accolades:

  • Has been podcasting since 2008 with podcasts featuring national/international guests from all walks of life.
  • Won BEST Podcast in the Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurial Category in the CastAway Podcast Awards, 2017
  • Her podcast ‘Ambitious Entrepreneur Show’ was syndicated on Zimbabwe Local Radio for a few seasons.
  • Her podcast ‘The Christian Entrepreneurs Podcast’ is syndicated on a local radio station – 103.9 Hope FM Esperance, WA
  • Her podcast Coaches Connection Podcast was featured within the International Magazine – I Love Coaching for 12 months, positioning her in front of her target market.
  • Her podcast ‘Business Success Podcast’ (previous title for Ambitious Entrepreneur Show) won the World Media Award for the Best Business Podcast in 2012.
  • Listed in various Top Business & Entrepreneur Podcasts, including:
  • Top 50 Business Podcasts for 2019 for business Entrepreneurs
  • The Employment Journey – The Top 25 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs
  • Cleveland High School – Podcasts for High School Students [Listed as Number 1 in Entrepreneurship]
  • The Distinguished Veteran – Top 100 Podcasts That Will Make You Better, Smarter, Wiser
  • com – The Top 25 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs
  • Skillcrush – 25 Top Podcasts to Launch Your Freelance Career in 2016
  • Study Pug – The Top 50 Podcasts for High School Students [Listed as Number 1 in Entrepreneurship]
  • Teach Thought – The Top 50 Podcasts for High School Students [Listed as Number 1 in Entrepreneurship]
  • Marketing Solved – The Top 15 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs
  • Olton Marketing – The Top 25 Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs
  • Monetize Pros – The Top 20 Best Business Podcasts to Grow Your Website
  • The EL Podcast – 10 Noteworthy Podcasts for Entrepreneurs from 2014, and many others.


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