Profitable Podcasting 5-Day Intensive

Learn how to go from
Invisible to Influential
(and Profitable) with your Thought Leader Podcast, including:


Common Podcasting Mistakes & Mistruths: Why You’ll Struggle to Stand Out, Become a Known Authority in Your Industry & Monetise Your Podcasts (if you follow this common yet incorrect podcast strategy as a Service-Based business owner);


THREE Podcast Profit Models: From Invisible to Influential (and Profitable) with a Your Thought Leader Podcast (a MUST for Service-Based business owners who want to become known as Industry Thought Leaders);


From Podcast Listener to Lead (and paying customer): Your Pipeline to (sustainable and scalable) Profit – even if you’re just starting out your Service-based business.

Sessions running daily at 9.30am AEST from February 10th 2020 through to our final wrap up session on February 15th 2020. 

Bonus Sessions: Keep your calendar free February 17-21 at 9.30am AEST [February 16-20 at 5.30 EST] as we have Spotlight Podcast Coaching, Podcasting Success Case Studies and MORE!!

Who is Annemarie Cross?

Dubbed “The Podcasting Queen,” Annemarie is recognized as an industry pioneer, launching her first co-hosted podcast in 2008.

Over a decade on, she continues to be the voice of inspiration in her own award-winning podcasts and the Thought Leader podcasts, which she produces for her clients through her podcast production company – the Ambitious Entrepreneur Podcast Network.

Here are just a few of Annemarie’s accolades:

  • Has been podcasting since 2008 with podcasts featuring national/international guests from all walks of life.
  • Won BEST Podcast in the Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurial Category in the CastAway Podcast Awards, 2017
  • Her podcast ‘Ambitious Entrepreneur Show’ was syndicated on Zimbabwe Local Radio for a few seasons.
  • Her podcast ‘The Christian Entrepreneurs Podcast’ is syndicated on a local radio station – 103.9 Hope FM Esperance, WA
  • Her podcast Coaches Connection Podcast was featured within the International Magazine – I Love Coaching for 12 months, positioning her in front of her target market.
  • Her podcast ‘Business Success Podcast’ (previous title for Ambitious Entrepreneur Show) won the World Media Award for the Best Business Podcast in 2012.
  • Listed in various Top Business & Entrepreneur Podcasts, including:
  • Top 50 Business Podcasts for 2019 for business Entrepreneurs
  • The Employment Journey – The Top 25 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs
  • Cleveland High School – Podcasts for High School Students [Listed as Number 1 in Entrepreneurship]
  • The Distinguished Veteran – Top 100 Podcasts That Will Make You Better, Smarter, Wiser
  • com – The Top 25 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs
  • Skillcrush – 25 Top Podcasts to Launch Your Freelance Career in 2016
  • Study Pug – The Top 50 Podcasts for High School Students [Listed as Number 1 in Entrepreneurship]
  • Teach Thought – The Top 50 Podcasts for High School Students [Listed as Number 1 in Entrepreneurship]
  • Marketing Solved – The Top 15 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs
  • Olton Marketing – The Top 25 Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs
  • Monetize Pros – The Top 20 Best Business Podcasts to Grow Your Website
  • The EL Podcast – 10 Noteworthy Podcasts for Entrepreneurs from 2014, and many others.


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