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Throughout 2018, I had numerous conversations with passionate Change Makers who wanted to launch their own podcast platform so they could make a much bigger impact in the world, while generate more income in their businesses.

Sad thing was, they weren’t ready. Yet.

Because despite the additional publicity and exposure they’d generate with their podcasts, they didn’t have the processes, systems OR key business foundations that would enable prospective clients to become leads, enquiries and ultimately paying customers.

So, I’m on a mission to help them AND other ambitious business owners who want to make a MUCH bigger impact in the world with (or even without) a podcast.

Hence, I launched two new Biz Trainings, including:

Join me! I look forward to supporting you in becoming an Industry Thought Leader with your message, while have in place the systems, processes AND core business foundations so you can build influence, impact AND income with your message.